15 Sep 2016

David French: The Problem With Every Trump Defense

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David French has the situation pegged.

So the anonymous guy who wrote the now-famous “Flight 93” essay — you know, the “intellectual” defense of Trump that’s been talked about endlessly for the last eight days — is now back with a “restatement,” where he responds to the multiple critiques of his first piece. I have the same problem with the restatement as I had with the first essay, and it’s the same problem I’ve had with every single allegedly intellectual defense of Trump I’ve ever read.

Simply put, these folks don’t defend the real, live Donald Trump. They create someone else entirely — we’ll call him Fake Trump — and defend Fake Trump against all comers. Fake Trump, for example isn’t going to embroil us in foreign wars. But Real Trump supported both the Iraq invasion and the Libyan intervention (Flight 93 dude calls Libya “perhaps the worst security policy mistake in US history”), and during this campaign (just last week!) has supported indefinite foreign occupation for resource extraction.

Fake Trump is going to put a stop social justice crusading and defend life. Real Trump at best doesn’t care about religious liberty or abortion and at worst not only declares that Planned Parenthood does “wonderful things,” he’s arguably one of the sexual revolution’s most ardent practitioners.

Fake Trump, to quote Flight 93 dude again, is “mounting the first serious national-political defense of the Constitution in a generation.” This is spit-out-your-coffee hilarious. Real Trump doesn’t know the slightest thing about the Constitution, but he’s more than happy to suppress your free speech rights if it means the media is more compliant, and he’s more than happy to take your home from you if he can replace it with a Trump casino.

Read the whole thing.

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Seattle Sam

It is just human nature to seek to rationalize that which you intend to do anyway. The really scary part is that no matter how the vote goes, we will end up with a president who understands that they have been rewarded for being utterly dishonest.


Confirmation bias.


You are such a disappointment David French. I can’t believe how faithfully I used to read your articles.
How dare you speak as though you can see clearly into the future. You know exactly what a President Trump would do?
You are such a disappointment.


“Trump will win rather easily, and win going away as he did the Republican primaries. I expect him to carry states like Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, Michigan, maybe even Pennsylvania. Why? Two reasons.

The first can be explained with an old story from the world of marketing:

A company came out with a new dog food, and hired an advertising firm to promote the product. The ad agency placed commercials on television and ads in magazines; millions of dollars went into the campaign. The commercials and ads were first-rate, but still the dog food did not sell. The client called a meeting at the ad agency and demanded to know what had gone wrong.

After a moment of silence, the leader of the ad agency team explained: “The dogs don’t like it.”

Hillary Clinton can be re-launched, re-packaged, and protected by a phalanx of reporters. The liberal establishment can do its best to jam her down our throats. But we–the voters–don’t like her. And the more we see of her, the more our dislike is confirmed. She is too weak a candidate to be elected president.

Second, everyone knows that the press is trying to elect Hillary, and most Americans resent it. Every day, editors and reporters try to inflict an anti-Trump theme on the rest of us. ”




And if he wins, oh boy! that means the GOP voting base rejected all the qualified and conservative and principled candidates and the country elected an orange-face Reality TV clown wearing a groundhog on his head who is not either qualified or conservative, who’s been a crony capitalist in cahoots with liberal politicians all his life, who takes all kinds of positions all over the political map and who contradicts himself all the time, and whose supporters identify him with the grand American political ideas: Nativism, Protectionism, and Isolationism.


Trump being pig ignorant, a spoiled and not-quite-normal narcissist, and essentially a crook, I tend to expect that a Trump presidency would be filled with scandals, bad decisions, embarrassments and disasters. The Trump presidency may very possibly taint the Republican brand, divide the GOP long-term, and result in handing the presidency over to the leftist democrats for a period longer than the rest of our lifetimes.


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