21 Sep 2016

“Trump Is Everything I Was Taught Not To Be”


Ken Robert and I don’t agree on a few tiny details, but he has put his finger precisely on why it is impossible to support Donald Trump.

My disdain for Donald Trump has little to do with Republican vs Democrat. It has much more to do with what I was taught growing up about being a decent human being.

Much of that was taught to me by my father, a man who wasn’t perfect but always tried his best to be decent toward and honest with everyone he met. Trump is just about everything I was taught not to be, and it’s become almost all but impossible to hold onto whatever respect I once held for people I know who support him.

It doesn’t feel good to lose that respect. I was also taught to look for the good in people, and I still believe there’s good in almost everyone, but I find less of it when I hear people cheer for a man who embodies everything my father taught me to disdain: bullies, liars, blowhards, braggarts, and cheats. To me, championing a man who displays those behaviors on an almost daily basis demonstrates a fundamental flaw of character.

Based on what I was taught, you just don’t do the following: You don’t mock the disabled. You don’t disparage someone for being a prisoner of war, even if you disagree with their politics. You don’t take money from a proclaimed charitable foundation and use it to pay $20,000 for a painting of yourself to give to your spouse. You don’t claim you’ve given a million dollars to veterans that you haven’t given, then, when the press discovers and reports that you haven’t, try to cover your ass by giving it in the middle of the night before calling a press conference the following day to berate the media for calling you on your dishonesty. You don’t insinuate things about the parents of a fallen soldier you could have discovered were false by checking just because you got your precious feelings hurt when they criticized your proposed ban on people who practice their religion which is about as direct a violation of the U.S. Constitution as someone can cook up. … You don’t do so many things this man does almost every day.

If we disagree on these things, we simply don’t share the same values. If I criticize these things and your response is to laugh with derogatory glee, you come across like a toothless jackass braying as you lift a leg to take a piss on human decency.

We can debate the impact of a minimum wage hike, the best approach to healthcare, the effectiveness and constitutionality of a gun regulation proposal, and a great many other things, but human decency isn’t on my list of debatable topics anymore and it never should have been to begin with.

My father was a Republican, but he was not a straight ticket voter, and I can’t believe he would have ever cast a ballot for this man. As the father of a handicapped child who died very young, he would have severed any ties he had to Trump the day the candidate mocked a reporter’s disfiguring congenital joint disorder.

I think my father would have agreed with my basic argument against such behavior: “Fuck that asshole and the festering pile of shit he rode in on.”

Read the whole thing.

I agree with him on the basic equation that, if Trump’s rudeness, vulgarity, shameless lying, and bullying do not repel you, if you think they are cute, if you think they constitute a really clever strategy for defeating democrats and winning elections, there is something seriously wrong with you.

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You are continuing to campaign for Hillary I see.


I suppose you believe that soldiers should walk shoulder to shoulder towards the enemy, since that is the honorable way to fight wars.

We hid behind trees shooting the British as they marched in formation. Politics is war by other means and that’s the way politics is fought.

The article is wrong on several facts (and they’re not tiny details), but I think you know that.

I do think Trump is a promoter, coarse, often displaying poor manners but then he’s just reflecting the culture we now live in. I would prefer our Presidents to be role models, but that ship sailed with Bill Clinton.

I’m sure Mr. Robert wrote a scathing article at the time of Clinton’s campaign arguing that we shouldn’t have a rapist as president. You should Google it.


Now that I think of it, I’d much rather have a bully and a boor as president than the Marxist, America-hating, demagogue we have now.

I don’t think Hillary hates America like our current president, and she doesn’t fit the definition of demagogue (she’s too sneaky), but she is a Marxist, far to the left of her husband.

So what will it be? A Marxist or a boor. Take your pick, because it’s going to be one of them.


Nope. I have no intention of voting for either of them.


“When it comes to Clinton, my digging revealed an intelligent, tough, no nonsense woman who has done a number of admirable things in her life. And as politicians go, she’s been pretty much in line with just about all politicians. She waffles and obfuscates from time to time and isn’t always as forthcoming as I wish politicians would be, but I haven’t found any real hard evidence for the portrait of a monster that’s been painted of her.

She has been under almost constant attack from political opponents for decades. They have launched all manner of charges against her.

And yet when you dig, when you really dig, and try to find the evidence for these charges you come up with little more than a clustermash of hearsay and wild speculation.

She’s never been found guilty of anything but that only serves as proof of her guilt to those who are prone to conspiracy theories.

Furthermore, as you dig you encounter stories from people who truly know her, people who have worked alongside her and people she has helped. They paint a much different picture than one served up by people who get all their information from her opponents.

She is not without her faults. No one is. But nothing I have uncovered about her supports in any way the notion that she’s “just as bad as Trump.”

In fact, I’ve come to find that hypothesis laughably unsupportable.

My saying this has won me the hostility of people on both the left and the right. But it’s my honest assessment and, knowing the efforts I’ve devoted to it, I have no reason to consider it a less informed one than that of those who want to call me foolish and blind.

Whenever I’ve engaged in debate with people about this, I see the same thing again and again: repetitions of rumors and thoroughly debunked claims, and those are the better arguments.

Her use of a private email server seems to be the thing that warrants the most legitimate criticism, but I see no evidence that she was intentionally jeopardizing security or engaging in nefarious activity for personal gain.”- Ken Robert

Hmmm. This is the same Ken Robert you linked to commenting on this article.

I’m curious if you agree with his assessment of Hillary?

Do you think is assessment of Hillary might have clouded his judgement of Donald?


You have bought, hook, line and sinker, the false narrative of Trump mocking a disabled man. That is not the case.



Dear JDZ,
I think it’s unfair to say you will not vote for Mr Trump, and to treat him the way you and Ken Robert do, and, for worse, to make fun of him repeatedly in your blog only because he belongs to a minority with severe mental disability.


LOL Kudos!

Seattle Sam

I’m definitely voting for a sleazy liar. Not sure which one just yet.

Fred Z

What no response to John catching you dead to rights being fooled by the MSM about Trump mocking a disabled guy?

“I have no intention of voting for either of them.” Still gonna stay home and sulk? Wah, wah, wah, imperfect candidate, call the waaaahmbulance.

I have much more respect for a man who makes a bad choice on a vote than a fool who demands an easy choice.


Sorry, I read this article and some others and watched the original video, and I don’t but the Catholics-for-Trump’s rationalizations. He may not have been accurately mocking that reporter’s symptoms, but he was mocking him alright.


Sorry, I read this article and some others and watched the original video, and I don’t but the Catholics-for-Trump’s rationalizations. He may not have been accurately mocking that reporter’s symptoms, but he was mocking him alright.


Go to netflix and watch the first episode of the series “The Critic”. It’s a great 90’s animated comedy with Jon Lovitz as a movie critic. In the episode an aspiring actress apologizes for sleeping with Donald Trump. Later they show the Trump tower with a big foreclosure sale banner. Trump was always a joke and is still a joke. It is a sad commentary on the electorate that these two idiots are the major party candidate so


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