22 Sep 2016

Joss Whedon Almost Got Me to Vote For Trump

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Regular readers must be aware by now what I think of Donald Trump. The hell of it is: Joss Whedon’s tv programs and movies are good. They are filled with wit and with a genuine appreciation of the human capacity for heroism. But, politically, Joss Whedon is obviously a totally self-congratulatory conformist airhead.

Whedon has started his own Super PAC, called “Save The Day,” which is intended, just like Spike’s self-sacrifice in the final episode of Buffy to close the hell mouth, save the world from ending, and… elect Hillary Clinton!

Joss Whedon is going to do his personal bit to save the world from a Trumpocalypse by producing a series of videos featuring famous Hollywood actors, all self-importantly preening for the camera while delivering cutesy, but puerile, admonitions to register and vote… against Trump and in favor of everything really stupid people believe to be good.

Yech! One wanted to believe that Tony Stark (Robert Downey) is smart. The sad truth is obviously that he is a total waste, and might just as well go back to the cocaine. One used to believe that Julianne Moore was desirable. The sad reality is that she is a left-wing shrew with a foul mouth.

These people are so incredibly stupid, so incredibly self-entitled, and so incredibly annoying that one could almost be in favor of letting the Great Old Ones rise again and destroy the world just to be rid of them (“The Cabin in the Woods” (2012) allusion), or vote for The Donald just to spite them. Almost.

7 Feedbacks on "Joss Whedon Almost Got Me to Vote For Trump"


OK, so I forced myself to watch it to the end. I’m voting for Trump because he’s not as vulgar, as self absorbed, as self important as this ad. Not on his worst day (OK almost on his worst day).
As an aside, I was listening to someone recently explaining how Trump was only in this to increase his Brand. Could be true– probably not, but so what? How much have the Clinton’s profited from their decades preening before the public, feeling their pain.
Yes, this is an unfortunate choice- but I don’t think a normal Republican can be elected at this point in history. Even against someone as seemingly vulnerable as Hillary.
I would suggest you place Vaseline under your nose and vote for Trump.


Briane, I’ve given up hope that JDZ will see what Hillary will certainly do, and Trump , well, probably not. (“Probably”, and not almost certainly, because I’m being completely pessimistic and forgetting that, at least in the first term, he will be doing the possible to be reelected).

Well, when Hillary’s Supreme Court says that to forbid neonatal “abortion” is unconstitutional, and other preciosities like that, then he will be able to congratulate himself on his farsightedness.

Old Salt

Trump was my last choice in the GOP field but these people have pushed me past “almost”.

Dangerous Dean

Hollywood airheads telling me how to think and vote is nothing new. Remember the video where they said we needed a plan to stop gun violence? Yeah, those same airheads who have made BILLIONS in movies and TV shows where they shoot guns while looking stunning are saying we shouldn’t allow people like me and you to own guns. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3K2G2X-Cxo

Never mind that they have paid bodyguards while the rest of us don’t have them and will never be able to afford them.

I agree that Whedon’s shows are funny and engaging. I am watching Firefly as my current binge. The whole reason for the Firefly series is that we can’t trust a monolithic government to respect our rights or liberties. But then he backs Hillary, the biggest threat on the horizon to our basic liberties, and someone who is pathologically above the laws that the rest of us poor slobs must live by.

Joss, you have every right to spout your beliefs. But it is tragic how wrong you are. There IS a Nazi in this race. Why are you working to elect her?

Sam L.

What good would Vaseline do? Mentholatum, possibly. Hillary smells worse.

hugh mungous

First time to your site…Love the DH Lawrence quote bout us “mericans. Still apt I think…. Get on the Trump Train!!

Lord T

So to be clear people that pretend to be who they are not lie for a living and don’t have the first idea about the real world because they are narcissists that live pampered lives are the ones you are listening to?

Almost everyone you see on the big screen are lefties and they are given air time by other lefties in the MSM while their opponents are ignored and lied about.

I like Joss’s shows, Roberts and Juliannes movies but I wouldn’t listen to any of them talking about anything else. Daniel Craig hates guns but plays James Bond. He doesn’t even have the balls to say ‘No my belief is that guns are bad’ but instead says ‘Gimme the money and I’ll say and do what you want. These people are worth listening to?


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