22 Sep 2016

The Firing Squad Blank Cartridge Election



Sara Hoyt, on FB, has a good suggestion:

You know how if you are ever on an execution squad, one person has blanks instead of bullets, and you don’t know which of you it is?

To save the national conscience, I think those in charge of the elections this year should have two identical boxes. One is a ballot box, one a shredder.

Each person is given two ballots, and puts one in each box. You don’t know which box is which.

If you’re absolutely decided for one of the horrors running, good for you. you can vote both ballots the same. But if you don’t want to vote for either, and don’t want it on your conscience, you can leave it in the lap of the gods. Vote the down ticket according to your conscience, fill the top of each ticket with one of the ass-clowns and rest easy. It was not you but the fates.

One Feedback on "The Firing Squad Blank Cartridge Election"


With the likelihood of a continued GOP hold on congress and state houses, I think we would be better off and safer without trump. (I’m voting Libertarian this year). I’m sitting here in Seoul listening to the serious concerns about the North Korean bombs as well as continuing regional troubles. The local papers are of course down on Trump. The world needs US leadership and I’m not sure that Trump even gets the idea.

Oh by the way the local English language papers highlighted local Korean concerns about outsourcing Korean jobs to other low cost countries. Turns out that for Hyundai Motors their Alabama workers are cheaper and faster than their Korean equivalents.

Our trade and security status will be a mess with trump but I think Hillary is less dogmatic or erratic.


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