27 Sep 2016

Men Without Women

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Britain (and presumably America) have apparently developed and equivalent of Japan’s Herbivore Men who refuse to marry or seek sexual relationships with women. (The Independent)

[T]ens of thousands of men have formed a real-life online community called MGTOW, or Men Going Their Own Way.

Their first rule? Abandoning all romantic relationships with women.

On Reddit alone, some 15,000 readers are subscribed to the MGTOW page which declares it is for “men going our own way by forging our own identities and paths to self-defined success; cutting through collective ideas of what a man is.”

Other websites including MGTOW.com are also dedicated to what they see as each man’s fight for sovereignty of himself. And despite their hatred for women, homosexuality isn’t accepted, either.

Posts on the Reddit page offer an insight into their world: They range from worrying that future sex bots will be hacked by central government, to encouraging men to divorce their wives. They also debate how “even men in Hollywood” are “cuckolded” and wronged by women.

Others discuss the merits of visiting prostitutes, and how pop songs are feminist propaganda. The more you scroll, the darker it becomes.

One recent post described how women “fake orgasms often, because it makes men more submissive”. Another talked of “ditching” his “blue pill friends.” Others proudly declare that they are still virgins.

Read the whole thing.

It’s obviously another of those weird millennial things.

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Karen Myers

And like the Shakers, they are busy removing themselves from the gene pool, another version of holding their breath until they turn blue.

If your model is the herbivorous Japanese male virgins, then… good luck with that.


Both the article and Ms. Myers comment mischaracterize MGTOW.

The first rule is NOT to refrain from relationships with women. It is, to oversimplify and generalize a decentralized and varied movement, not to get into a romantic relationship that doesn’t value you or respect you as a person, coupled with a finding that this, due to the laws that be, means no marriage. Many of them also take a jaded view on cohabitation and/or procreation, as these tend to create an adverse and unfair legal status on their own. All on grounds that doing these things is a bad idea and likely to result in great personal misery.

If you know, in advance, that you will not be treated fairly in an arrangement, then abstention is a rational response. This isn’t holding your own breath until you turn blue – that’s a manipulation tactic, a threat to harm yourself unless the target of your manipulation intercedes. This is walking out of the store without buying anything, because while you were interested in the goods, they were overpriced, and not truly being offered. (Half your assets and a permanent claim on your wages for use of a “product” until they wish to reclaim it? Absurd.) That the sales personnel were condescendingly telling you to “man up” doesn’t help, either. If that’s aimed at causing a change, it’s a boycott. That would be a Men’s Rights Activist movement. MGTOW, however, is simply knowing better than to make the purchase. There is much crossover – a MGTOW with civic inclinations will also be an MRA – but they are distinct. No luck is required, it is all a matter of choice.

And, yes, genetic propogation is part of the purchase that’s being passed up on. That’s a big thing. To animals, its everything. To humans, it’s not as big as raising your children, being a part of their lives, and leaving who they are – mentally, spiritually, a much deeper level than biological heredity – as a legacy. That is not reliably available to men today. If the mother is tired of the father, she can cut him out of their daily lives, reduce his involvement to the level of an uncle. At no cost to herself. With horrifying, if incomplete, reliability.

MGTOW membership runs the gamut from deliberate social outcasts, whose lifestyle may be compared to Japan’s herbivores or even, on occasion, hikkikomori, to bachelor-for-life playboys (I think they may have “joined” because admission was effectively free, their lifestyle already lacking any possibility of marriage), and the ever-embarrassing incel (INvoluntary CELibacy, also there on free admission due to lack of possibility of marriage, but substantially less happy about it), but their primary membership is divorce-burned men and those who have been warned off by their precedent. Attitudes towards women range, in no particular order, from indifference to bitterness to anger to misogyny to sad longing for what can’t be, in any combination. The tragic fact is that if a man wants to start a family, work diligently, behave reasonably, politely, and lovingly to his wife, and in return be offered what was promised in the wedding vows, the law will not only not back him up, but will instead offer his housewife every incentive to kick him out of the picture. That’s what’s weird about this millennium, not the men opting out of the abuse.

Karen Myers

I’m sympathetic to the general dismay at toxic feminism, believe me.

But taking your toys and going home will gain you neither children nor wives, and hence, no more footprint in the gene pool.

If you want children, look for women who are not poisoned by the current culture. They exist, though not perhaps in the places you’re looking.

Or don’t — as you like, for your final generation.


What is this obsession with the ‘gene pool’? When you’re dead – you’re dead! Who cares about the dang pool after they’re dead?

I’m of the MGTOW mindset because of experience and because MGTOW are right! Hyper gynocentrism has stacked the deck against men. That’s why we have male-only conscription, a nearly all male front fighting force and why our anti-male divorce court system divorce rapes men while the criminal court system gives women fractional sentences that men get for the same crimes – or simply lets them off the hook entirely. It’s sick!

Male disposability and cultural minsandry are backfiring spectacularly. Screw your ‘gene pool’! I want no part of it!

Life is awesome without women! Women have always been a burden to me until I read about MGTOW several years ago. What a transformation that brought! Now I live free of the financial and legal threat women represent and I’m far happier (and wealthier) as a result.

MGTOW is male liberation from male disposability and cultural misandry (hyper gynocentrism). Society can go on along screwing itself for all I care. I, like many other men, have seen the writing on the wall and are opting out of a really bad deal. Marriage and family? Are you nuts?

Karen Myers

As they say in the South while shaking their heads and watching some dang fool go off, bent on his folly, “B’bye!”


I guess Ms. Myers considers herself a good woman, one “not poisoned by the current culture,” to use her own words.

Yet her comments are dripping with icy contempt for men who dare GTOW, mostly after very painful experiences at the hands of modern Western Woman and the “law” she has at her disposal.

Ironically, she demonstrates by her tone and attitude what she argues against with her surface words.


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