09 Oct 2016

Damaging Leak Previously Predicted

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NYM “What If?,” February 25, 2016:

Hillary Clinton in 2016 is obviously completely different from Barack Obama in 2008. Obama entered the campaign surrounded by imaginary butterflies and unicorns. Hillary enters on her broom, accompanied by flying monkeys. Barack Obama was so lovable that every adolescent girl in America, male and female, young and old, had a crush on him. NBC’s Chris Matthews famously found his leg trembling with nearly homoerotic adoration of Obama. Nobody’s leg will be quivering for the old and wrinkly Hillary.

Obama was the Magic Negro, the wise friend from another race whose acceptance of you proves that you are exceptionally worthy, and whose aid brings about your survival or your victory in your quest. Hillary is every man’s shrewish wife, the pot-throwing termagant who drives all of America out to the nearest saloon to drown our collective sorrows. Hillary is the mean old lady, heading up the Ladies’ League For Social Reform that is going to ban everything that’s fun. Obama was Chingachgook, Queequeg, and a younger version of every Morgan Freeman character. Hillary is Lady Macbeth.

It would take a miracle effectuated by a political genius of the first water to make Hillary electable, especially in this unfavorable year. The Republican presidential nominee in 2016 has the key to the Oval Office in his pocket as long as he is normally presentable and can walk and talk.

Maybe Hillary can win after all, though, because it just so happens that she is married to a political genius of the first water. …

[I]f I were Bill, how on earth could I possibly cause the unamiable, unattractive, scandal-infested, mean old Hillary to win in this most unfavorable year?

Well, what if… what if that slick old Bill actually did think up a way? How could he do it? Well, there is one way, after all. Just suppose it was possible for Bill Clinton to hijack the GOP nomination.

Suppose Bill Clinton figured out the sole, solitary possible way that he could shove a big, fat monkey wrench into the Republican Party’s Presidential Election Campaign’s works.

Let’s say, for instance, that Old Bill knew another feller, that he had a buddy, a good friend, not in politics actually, but a fellow in some respects kind of like himself, brash, shameless, fond of the ladies, appetitive, hugely out-going, and larger-than-life. Bill’s friend, like himself, would be a wealthy and successful person, a celebrity, a performer, and a chap vigorously able to go after what he wants free of ethical inhibitions.

One can picture Bill sitting down with his pal Donald, and saying, “Donald, old boy, I need you to do Hillary and me a solid. …

then Bill (behind the scenes) masterminds The Donald’s campaign, knocking out one legitimate GOP candidate after another with shameless insults, abuse, and outright baldfaced lies.

Donald gets the nomination, but it could be that Bill has a plan in mind to sink the Trump campaign right about the end of next September. Photographs of Donald (like Berlusconi) in the sack with some underage girls just happen to fall into the hands of intrepid NY Times reporters in the nick of time. The GOP campaign sinks suddenly in scandal, while Donald smiles over the stories of his sexual prowess, and Hillary coasts in after all.

What if?


Erik Eriksen, “I am Fully Embracing This Conspiracy Theory,” July 7th:

I am beginning to believe Trump is a Clinton operation designed to get Hillary elected. Trump is, after all, the only Republican who ran who was a Clinton donor. He is also the only Republican running who called Bill Clinton to discuss running before he even got into the race.


NYM, “Is Trump Deliberately Throwing the Election?”, August 4:

[I]t’s only the beginning of August. The boxcar-loads of opposition research the Dems and their media allies have been saving up are still just sitting there, waiting to be unloaded and fired.


One little ten-year-old tape of Trump having a locker-room-style conversation was released and the Trump Campaign is reeling. Just think how much more damaging material the democrat presidential campaign and the MSM has that’s not yet been released. What kind of leak do you think they would have done if Trump were currently ten points ahead in the polls?



5 Feedbacks on "Damaging Leak Previously Predicted"

T. Shaw

In 2008, they did the same to McCain. Only they didn’t have a tape.

I apologize in advance. I think Cruz, Bush, or whomever the cowardly, traitorous GOP establishment (who seem to want Hillary) could have thrown up would be 50 points behind corrupt and incompetent Hillary and her 10,000 media hacks.

Grow a set of cojones. They bring a knife, you pull out a gun. Run the tapes of Hillary boasting and laughing about destroying a 12 year-old rape victim. Run tapes of Willies’ rape victims reacting to Hillary trashing them.

This bull shit tape is warmed over spit compared to 40 years of Clinton rapes and Hillary character-assassinating Willie’s rape victims.


I believe the point is that in this scenario Trump is not supposed to win and doesn’t want to win. He gets a big ego boost, doesn’t have to work too hard, and eventually gets a large payoff from the Clintons–government favors, cash or both. So it’s pointless to argue that the Clintons have done worse stuff, etc. The fix is in, like it always is with them. The Trumpers have been played and we’ll all pay for it.

Steve Gregg

I keep thinking about a comment heard during all the Clinton scandals in the ’90s: The Clintons have always been fortunate in their enemies.

Jerry The Geek

I’ve said before that the only way Hillary could get elected would be if she could get some totally unacceptable quasi-Republican to run against, and he would be so vile that nobody would admit to actually voting for him.

Unfortunately, they found that ideal competition in Donald Trump, and I find myself appalled that a vote for Donald is a vote against Hillary … and the only way she could be defeated!

Personally, I would rather vote for “None Of The Above”. But history will show that Hillary (if elected) would be the worst president since Bill.

I know that there are Republicans who would be a much MUCH better president than either of the current candidates.

They didn’t choose to run, in this worst of all presidential elections in the past century.

We’ll all be holding our nose on election day; and whatever way we vote we will regret the consequences.

It makes me wish that an Eisenhower was running; at least Ike spent his term by not doing anything but building ten thousand miles of roads.


How does aligning himself with two of the sleaziest people on planet Earth benefit Trump? He’s already rich.By running against Hillary,he has the entire Clinton Attack Machine, a.k.a. old media,after him24/7. Post debate,one eloquent Clinton staffer tweeted Trump to “Go f**k yourself”. Scathing wit,eh?


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