16 Oct 2016

Todd Orr Survived


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Todd Orr did everything right. When he left his Bozeman, Montana, home to scout for elk in nearby Madison Valley last weekend, he went armed with two cans of bear spray, as well as the powerful handgun he uses for hunting. Entering the woods, he hollered, “Hey bear!” at half-minute intervals, to avoid surprising one. And when a female grizzly charged him, he fired the bear spray to create a fog-like barrier between him and the animal, keeping his finger on the can’s trigger until she was on him. As the bear broke his arms with her jaws and slashed his scalp with her claws, he curled into the fetal position, and kept his hands locked behind his neck, protecting his vulnerable spine and organs.

So Orr lived.

I thought Outside’s cocksure analysis and advise was total crap. I’ll give Todd Orr credit: he has guts. But myself, I would definitely have shot that bear.

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Spurt Reynolds

Bears do not know or follow the rules of engagement… I would have shot that bear with every bullet I had.

Steve Gregg

Sounds like he did everything he read about to defend himself. The problem is that grizzlies don’t read.


I’ve lived in MT for 2 1/2 yrs, 17 before that in Wonderful WY. They are as thick as fleas in the northern states.


Make that the northern rocky mountain states.


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