21 Oct 2016

Words of Wisdom

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4 Feedbacks on "Words of Wisdom"


Maybe I’m missing something since I haven’t done any stoop labor in 20+ years, but my impression is that working class American men would prefer to be left alone, not “saved”.


That goes for working class American women too. “Technocratic elite?” YOU will SAVE me? Excuse me sir,I do not need your narcissitic effrontery to save me.


Anon & Nori. You are both right. It used to be: Lead, Follow or Get out of the way. Now it’s: Get out of the way. I don’t need you to lead me and don’t follow me, either, that’s what stalkers do.


While I agree with the previous commenters, I am surprised, astonished actually, that justice by caliber seems to have fallen out of favor eve among those who prize being left alone.


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