26 Oct 2016

Michael Moore (Pretty Much) Endorses Trump


Michael Moore the commie endorsing Donald Trump? Well, he’s not actually supporting Trump, but this presumed excerpt from his forthcoming film “Michael Moore in Trumpland” sure sounds like an endorsement.

It shouldn’t be surprising that so many long-time conservatives like me aren’t supporting Trump. So much of Trump’s message consists of Populism, Anti-Capitalism, and promises of Statist Intervention and Protection for the Workers right out of Michael Moore’s personal Young Comrade’s Handbook of Marxism, combined with exactly the kind of rabble-rousing Nihilism that the Revolutionary Left specializes in. Take away the Nativism and Trump could be running as the candidate of Occupy Wall Street.

Trumpkins will absolutely love this video.

One Feedback on "Michael Moore (Pretty Much) Endorses Trump"


Mr. Moore is generally wrong and generally prone to twist the facts to his point of view. But I think this time he has reluctantly embraced some truths. I still do not think Trump will win. BUT I do agree with Moore’s conclusion that a very broad swath of voters embrace what Trump has said. They will vote for Trump in spite of the trumped up charges and bimbos the Democrats have put out there.

I will not watch any news on election day and regardless of who wins I will not watch any news for a few days after the elections. I dislike listening to the pundits saying stupid things just to fill air time 24/7.

I will go back to the news after they return to something closer to “normal” just so I can see how much damage Obama and a lame duck congress can inflict on us in 2 1/2 months of unrestrained politics.


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