26 Oct 2016

Outside Magazine Comes Out Against Campfires (!)

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There are two kinds of people. There are people who go to the Out-of-Doors to hunt and fish and to enjoy Nature as an active participant, and there are citified wussy wimp nincompoops who hike or bike or ski or climb in the Out-of-Doors wearing expensive synthetic getups in the same kinds of colors as lifesavers.

Outside Magazine is a publication for exactly those kind of tree-hugging, Obama-voting sodomites. If you want a laugh at just how far up his own posterior one of these eco-snowflakes can insert his head, read this, Wes Siler’s pious screed explaining that campfires are “a dangerous, polluting, wasteful relic of the past,” way too hazardous and unsafe for ordinary Americans to safely enjoy.

[T]he campfire has had its day. With massive wildfires raging all summer long and exhausting state budgets, and with participation in outdoor recreation booming to record numbers, maybe the the negative impacts of the campfire now outweigh tradition and comfort.

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Being of the outdoor type I naturally would read a mag called Outdoors. Yet, it was in the early 1980s that I was so utterly miffed at that rag that I never picked it up again. Never.

What set me off was their elitist tone. I suppose arguing against campfires is a progression of that snobbish mentality yet I would have hardly imagined this level of foolishness. Again, we see the true nature of the leftist.


Reminds me of a Bill Mauldin cartoon from WWII, of an officer watching the setting sun. He says to his aide “Beautiful sunset. Is there one for the enlisted men?”


I think we need the “two state solution” in this country.
The country needs to be divided between the red and blue states, coming together only for national defense and import duties, border protection, and the like.
The division need not be geographical, but would depend on a vote of the people in each state.
I simply cannot stand having to put up with these idiots any longer.


Orca, while I understand your sentiments, it will never happen simply because they won’t ever leave us alone.


1. My outdoor clothes are mostly mil surplus, 2. My hunting rifle weighs nine pounds and doesn’t have a single piece of plastic on it, 3. I learned fire safety from an organization called the Boy Scouts. Perhaps Outdoor Magazine has heard of them.

Whata Heman

Whenever I’m camping in the wilderness, whenever I look into the fire – every time – I think about primal man gazing into that very same fire. I feel a connection with all of them.


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