30 Oct 2016

Halloween Art

Alfred Rethel, Der Tod als Würger [Death, the Strangler], 1847.

3 Feedbacks on "Halloween Art"

Seattle Sam

If a sombrero is considered inappropriate for a Halloween costume because it appropriates Mexican culture, why is a witch’s hat not considered an inappropriate appropriation of Wiccan culture?

Steve Gregg

Why is rendering Alexander Hamilton’s life in hip hop rap with black actors as the founding fathers not cultural appropriation? How are transvestites wearing the clothes of the opposite gender not cultural appropriation? How are transgender people going under the knife to become the opposite sex not cultural appropriation?

And, aren’t blue jeans the greatest cultural appropriation of all? Pants come from the Mongols. Denim comes from France. The indigo which dyes denim blue comes from India. Blue jeans are a Chernobyl of cultural appropriation. Off with their pants, I say! No pants, no peace!


Okay now,you guys need to stop making sense…you’ll frighten the college kids.


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