10 Nov 2016

Wouldn’t Be Complete Without…

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Hitler learns Trump won.

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You must have loved seeing that clip of Mr. Trump sitting with Obama in the Oval. Put a smile on your mug, or what?
You know what’s really cool though, Mr.Trump can’t take away Obama’s place in history or the millions of adoring fans, like you, but he can and will take away everything else.

Any news on Jeb! or the suicide watch on your boy Kasich? I think he’s up for re-election in ’18.
Hope he enjoys being governor cause he ain’t going anywhere else.

Hey, did you know his Dad was a mailman?

Keep up the good work.


I’m an adoring Obama fan? Try Googling “Never Yet Melted” & “Barack Obama.”


What’s Google?

bob sykes

Well, you certainly are a deluded Hillary fan.


You’re a bit confused. This video is not especially anti-Trump. I am anything but a Hillary fan. I just have a weakness for Untergang parodies.


You’ve been a confused, fucked-up,
NeverTrumper for months now, who could have given a shit less if that Parkinson’s infected corrupt bitch became the President of The United States, as long as you remained a intellectually superior “True Conservative”.

Don’t try to wiggle out of your crap now that you and your brethren have been crushed.


If I have to sit back and watch Donald Trump be president for four years, at least I do get to enjoy the positive aspects of the situation, all the weeping and howling liberals for instance.


Almost as much find as watching the howling NeverTrumper’s bitch and moan about the end of the Republic.

Seattle Sam

I have to assume that Scullman is a troll whose purpose is to confirm Trump supporters as a bunch of foul-mouthed delusional (David is an adoring fan of liberal Democrats? Puhleassse!) ravers.



Adoring enough to sabotage a country with Hillary Clinton cause he’s so correctly conservative.

Fuking’ A right.


Love all the Hitler rants!! Please keep them coming.


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