20 Nov 2016

“Sessions Pick as AG Could Spark Exodus from Civil Rights Division”

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Politico is sending a message from the Left.

Donald Trump’s decision to nominate Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general is being met with alarm at the Justice Department’s civil rights division and could trigger an exodus there, former officials said Friday.

Longtime lawyers in the unit that enforces voting rights laws, conducts investigations into alleged police abuses and prosecutes hate crimes were already on edge about what Trump’s victory would mean for their mission, but the selection of Sessions pushed those fears to another level, former officials said.

“If there was a level above DEFCON One, it would be that,” said Sam Bagenstos, who was the civil rights division’s No. 2 official from 2009 to 2011. “Jeff Sessions has a unique and uniquely troubled history with the civil rights division. … From the perspective of the work of the enforcement of civil rights, I think the Sessions pick is a particularly troublesome one — more than anyone else you can think of.”

I’d like to think that the Sessions appointment is leading to not only firings, but explicit reversals of Obama “Second Reconstruction Era” policies, in particular the disavowal of Russlynn Ali’s “Dear Colleague” Letter and a new proclamation warning universities that this administration will withhold federal funding unless all the Sexual Harassment Star Chambers set up in compliance with Russlynn Ali’s edict are shut down and sexual harassment witch-hunting is suspended forthwith.

Then, the Sessions Justice Department should turn to finding out whether it is possible to prosecute some of that department’s previous officials.

3 Feedbacks on "“Sessions Pick as AG Could Spark Exodus from Civil Rights Division”"


So, some of the longtime people who give lawyers a bad name are leaving the DOE. Good riddance. Happy hunting AG Sessions!


Sessions is a serious man,who has respect even among the Leftist Senators. The DOJ,and in particular,the Civil Rights Division battery of leftist feminine lawyers will be hardest hit. Good.


Oh no, not that!
A bunch of leftist subversives are threatening to leave the Justice Dept. before they have finished corrupting the USA!
On second thought, goodbye and good riddance.


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