27 Nov 2016

Trudeau Eulogies

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And they go and on.

We mourn the death of Vlad the Impaler, who spearheaded initiatives which touched the hearts of millions.

We must mourn the death of Jeffrey Dahmer, whose hunger for human life was second to none.

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Seattle Sam

And Charles Manson will, no doubt, be eulogized as a man devoted to his family.

Seattle Sam

And my favorite to date:

Benedict Arnold: A hero whose loyalties were too wide to be confined within the narrow boundaries of a single cause.


I was in the 10th grade when Cuba fell to Fidel. There was some hope that he would do the right thing but within months it was obvious he was a ruthless oppressive dictator. It went downhill quickly from there. I do not understand how anyone can today after almost 60 years of his murderous regime say anything good about him or why they would want to. It should be the Rorschach test for public service. If you can’t help yourself from saying good things about Castro and his 60 years of oppression, murder and torture you are automatically unqualified to serve in any Western civilized country.


I meant to add that I consider it one of JFK’s greatest mistakes that he didn’t support the resistance and effort by Cubans to take back their country from Castro.


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