28 Nov 2016

In Adelaide, the Reptiles are Restless

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Red-bellied snake (Pseudechis porphyriacus). Yes, it’s an elapid.


A snake catcher is warning of increased snake activity in South Australian towns and cities over summer after removing several dangerous reptiles from Adelaide’s CBD [Central Business District].

Adelaide’s Ian Renton said good spring rains had boosted food sources for mice, and while callout numbers were about average so far, they had the potential to increase.

Mr Renton said he had removed snakes from homes and businesses right across Adelaide, including the CBD.

“We’ve taken them out of Wyatt Street, out of Frome Road, Pulteney Street, both red-belly black snakes and brown snakes,” he said.

“People leave their doors open or snakes come in through pet doors or air conditioning systems.

Mice go into the roof space and the snakes follow the scent trail, and drop out through light fittings.”

Mr Renton said people needed to take care and use common sense around their properties.

“People need to be aware [and] watch where they’re putting their hands. Don’t put their hands in places where they can’t see,” he said.

“Make sure they’re wearing gloves, good leather gloves, when they’re doing gardening.”

He said SA Ambulance Service had been reporting almost daily calls to treat people for snake bites.

One Feedback on "In Adelaide, the Reptiles are Restless"

Dan Kurt

During my second and last post doc, an Australian post doc kept us in stitches with his talking about the horrors of Australian animal dangers. An example that i remember was: “Dan can you tell me the location of the ten most dangerous snakes in the world? I had no clue. His answer: Nine of them are found in Australia. He had stories of sharks and other killers in the seas around Australia that would keep on on dry land. One story I recall was about a boy scout camping trip where one of the young boys went out in the middle of the night to relieve himself and was found dead in the morning after being bitten by something called the Hundred Yard Snake as one could not make it further than 100 yards after bring bitten.

Dan Kurt


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