09 Dec 2016

Unlucky Girl Accidentally Slept With Trump Supporter


Another horror story from 2016. Toronto Life

7 Feedbacks on "Unlucky Girl Accidentally Slept With Trump Supporter"


We went from John Glenn to this in such a short time.

Jerry The Geek

On the other hand, the guy really enjoyed it.


She is a pretty girl I’m sure she left a boyfriend behind in Toronto. Ask the boyfriend how he liked some foreigner “filling in” for him. That’s how the middle class American feels. Basically he was fucked over and kicked to the curb and someone from another country “filled in” for him.


if pregnancy should result from this encounter, would the offspring be bipartisan do you suppose?


This “girl” has hands that seem very … large. Perhaps we could take a look at xer adam’s apple…


Aw man, talking about a buzz kill!

Spurt Reynolds

Only 2 things come out of Canada…
Hockey players and sluts.

She’s no hockey player!


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