19 Dec 2016

The Clinton Archipelago


Big cities, Rio Grande Valley, Black Belt, and some Indian Reservations.

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Seattle Sam

Also known as The Cordon of Contempt


Gee, what do these “diverse” locations have in common???

Oh wait! “Free stuff”. The left taxes the rest of the country into poverty so that they can rain down “free stuff” on select minorities (who totally coincidently) always vote for Democrats. These areas are islands of free stuff falling from the sky. The superstitious “natives” believe that the only way to keep the “free stuff” falling from the heavens is to vote Democrat and demonstrate for the MSM whenever they aren’t getting their way and the “free stuff” gods will be appeased.

T. Shaw

100% correct GWTW. Evidence is the that the four richest US counties which are suburbs of the national capital.

My work required frequent business trips to DC and Arlington, VA. in the depths of the recent great recession, the capital area’s bars and restaurants were continually filled and construction cranes nearly blotted out the Sun.

hugh mungous

I can see Austin TX being leftist blue country( being where UT uni is..) but look at the border blue areas near Mexico. Hmmm what could cause that I wonder. Why could it be illegal/legal immigration??


More likely, very long term, unassimilated Spanish-speaking residents.


Original post: “TrumpLand and Clinton Archipelago”

Ricky S

That archipelago is where most of the people are. That’s why Hillary got more votes.

Todd Smith

Looks pretty simple. Most Americans voted for Hillary. Most of America voted for Trump. Even most of New York and California, most of the state voted for Trump


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