24 Dec 2016

A Final Nasty Gesture from a Small and Spiteful President

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One normally would avoid politics on Christmas Eve, but it is impossible to overlook Barack Obama’s hopefully last characteristically spiteful gesture of radical leftist partisanship. Americans overwhelmingly support the state of Israel and despise the Palestinian cause. Only members of the extreme left like Obama reflexively oppose European colonialism.


The United States on Friday allowed a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement construction to be adopted, defying extraordinary pressure from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government in alliance with President-elect Donald Trump.

The Security Council approved the resolution with 14 votes, with the US abstaining. There was applause in the chamber following the vote, which represented perhaps the final bitter chapter in the years of antagonism between President Barack Obama’s administration and Netanyahu’s government.


Richard Fernandez responded well on Facebook:

The most instructive thing about Obama’s Security Council abstention is he didn’t have the guts to do it earlier, when he stood to lose something by doing it. Only after he calculated there was nothing more to squeeze from that particular quarter did he run up the Jolly Roger. Had it cost him it would have meant something, even as a gesture.

But even more interesting was his willingness to damage the Democratic party who he’s leaving with political bill, not to mention the fact that the policy his abstention represents makes little sense.

Israel is likely to emerge as a linchpin in the region, after Obama’s power vacuum bomb reduces the nearby countries to waste. If Turkey and Iran fall apart, which is not inconceivable, then Obama will have antagonized the last man standing.

It was bad timing and pointless, like a punch thrown by a fighter lying on the canvas — at the referee. That would leave his legacy a consistently dysfunctional whole: conceived in delusion, executed in incompetence.

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The adolescent pettiness of this small-minded man and his supporters is truly astounding. Expect more vengeance and asshattery before Jan 20 from this sophomoric administration.

Seattle Sam

It would be nice if Trump and the Congress took this as an opportunity to reduce funding for this parasitic New York social club. There have been at least a hundred wars since its founding and the UN has managed to stop none of them. A perfect record.
And what a coward. A real man would have taken this action before the election and allowed Democrats to bear the costs.

jim murray

The ultimate in affirmative action. Thank you LBJ!


This “resolution” (resolve is a quality of character not associated with the UN; hence the sneer quotes) would have the Western Wall, the holiest site in Judaism, be deemed to be the property of the fictitious race of people currently known as the “Palestinians”. It would be reasonable to expect that they would drive all Jews out of Jerusalem, if not Israel, if they had the power to do so as clearly anticipated by this farcical resolution. Jews would be barred from any presence at that site, as they were when the Jordanians under the protection of the British occupied the West Bank.
Although there are many political divisions in Israel, the left, right, and middle of the Israeli electorate would fight to the last man to retain Jerusalem.
Only a dilettante with no real grasp of the reality of Mideast political realities would propose this resolution.
The sneaky, underhanded and cowardly way it was brought about is a further, and permanent, stain on the pathetic legacy of this arrogant, vapid man.

Steven Wilson

So, now, we as a country have voted “present” through the smallness and vindictiveness of a man who was promoted without any qualifications whatsoever into the role of the most important person in the world.

Who was the character in the Bible who held the coats of those who did the stoning and thought that obviated him of any guilt? That’s our boy, “I didn’t vote for it, I just didn’t vote against it.” More vile with each passing day and more typical of the party that elected.

God grant us sufficient success as a country in the coming years to strip away enough black and hispanics to render the Democrat party to a rump. Then maybe we can do the same to the Republicans and emerge with a majority party that espouses civil and economic liberties in the manner that the Founders envisaged.


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