31 Dec 2016


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Seattle Sam

2016 will be remembered as the year when the “rest of us” rebelled against the “out-of-touch elites”. How well that will turn out remains to be seen (I’m sure the French were pretty optimistic in 1789).


I am not optimistic. I don’t see how we can avoid an economic crash/recessiomn/depression. Thanks to Obama and the Democrats our national debt is literally unserviceable and will soon make that fact known to all. Our level of bureaucracy and red tape is out of control and is strangling our businesses and citizens. Most of our cabinet level departments are blatantly dishonest/corrupt and would shame a third world nation. We have imported a couple million potential jihadis with a post election surge to top it off. We have allowed 20 million illegals into the country to forever suck off the government teat. The FED awoke like Ichabod Crane seemingly intent on putting pressure on a teetering economy. Our federal economic indicators are pure fabrications intended to prop up a failed president. The left intends to push hard against any attempts to correct our failed course and the Rinos intend to help them. Our best hope is that the new administration overturns all/most of Obama’s proclamations and bureaucratic mumble jumbo but I fully expect Trump will be blocked by congress and the courts at every turn. And of course the left intends to delay new cabinet nominations for months if possible to prevent any actions for as long as possible.

No I’m not optimistic only glad that the Hildabeast didn’t win and continue and double down on Obama’s disastrous policies. I think the right word is relief not optimism. It could be worse and thanks to Obama, Reid and Pelosi’s actions I have no doubt it will get worse.


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