12 Jan 2017

John Scalzi, Beta Male

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John Scalzi’s Xmas Card

John Scalzi’s first Mil SciFi novel Old Man’s War featured a plot with a natural appeal to aging boomers, and with a helpful plug from Instapundit quickly broke through to become a best-seller in the genre.

Conservative readers with a liking for Scalzi were soon to be dismayed when the formerly seemingly sympatico author came out as an Obama supporter and Gun Control advocate. John Scalzi has since distinguished himself within the Science Fiction Fandom Community as one of the loudest voices on the Social Justice Warrior side.

Naturally, many of us just stopped buying Scalzi’s books, but some remain really bitter. Chateau Heartiste (an Alt-Right blog) yesterday took aim at Scalzi as a representative of the beta male phenomenon, publishing photos and Scalzi’s 2016 Xmas card which portray him as a nerd, shorter, frailer, and more sensitive-looking than his wife. CH has a lot of fun mocking Scalzi, and promises more:

Reading Scalzi is like bathing in a vat of menstrual blood and having pure estrogen injected straight into the scrotum. One must exit Scalzi’s world through a decontamination chamber of red meat and range shooting. His sickness can’t be allowed to spread to vulnerable men. His dildology worldview is a disfigured anti-reality that will yield like buttery goodness to the shiv every time, because nothing substantial underlies it. And the Chateau will flay him, over and over, until his ugliness of mind and spirit perishes from the earth.

6 Feedbacks on "John Scalzi, Beta Male"

Old Salt

I read the first 3 books in the series. They got progressively worse. Part of the problem was that he knows absolutely nothing about combat or even training for it, so many scenes are really off-key.

The other problem is that in his fictional world, the colonists who left all the losers behind on Earth are depicted as villainous for having done so. The only way they can redeem themselves is by surrendering their independence to the sh*theads back on Earth. When I saw that crap coming, I put down his books for good.

Hammond Aikes

The Science Fiction section of the Bellevue Public Library has five Scalzi titles, one Jack Vance, one Bester, no Sturgeon, no Cordwainer Smith, one Laumer “Bolo” omnibus and a very heavy representation of cookie-cutter fantasy, including about eighty titles involving effing dragons.

Old Salt

Any John Ringo, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, David Drake?

Fred Z

Scalzi is worse than a beta, much, much worse than an ordinary leftist, much worse even than Stalin.

Scalzi is boring.

I could not get through more than one third of old man’s war.

Jerry The Geek

Ah me, I seem to be out of step. I read scalzi (actually BUY his books, rather than just check them out of the library), and enjoy them.

And by the way, I also buy Pournell/Nivens, Ringo, S.Sterling, S.Hunter, Kratman, David Drake, Michael Z., etc.

I don’t always buy books by people whose politics I agree with. J. Kellerman, L.M. Bujould, E. Moon, T. Clancy, S. King … I have hundreds of books which I reread.

If I only read authors whose politics matched mine, I wouldn’t read 5 novels a week.

I might blog more often, but who wants to read Geek when he can read Asimov for the 10th time?

Old Salt

I read a lot too. And often authors who’s politics are nothing like mine – Charles Stross for instance.

But when I can’t ignore an author’s ignorance on the topics he writes about, when his stupid ideas take me completely out of the story – why bother?

Seriously, why would a beta-male liberal wimp with a degree in philosophy try to write an endless military sci-fi series? The deeper into it he got, the more they don’t make sense.


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