30 Jan 2017

Trump’s Wall

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“Fixed fortifications are monuments to man’s stupidity. If mountain ranges and oceans can be overcome, anything made by man can be overcome.” –George Patton.

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Seattle Sam

Trump has simply adopted the liberal belief that good intentions matter more than results.


I have stepped over the border to Mexico and to Canada without a wall, fence or anything but a sign barely within sight. To be able to cross the border that easily is a mistake. Of course their should be a fence at a minimum and where necessary there should be a wall. Does that mean we are all stupid and don’t understand that humans can scale fences and walls? No it means that we can set rules/laws and the walls make for absolute proof of intent and a warning to those who might consider breaking the law. It prevents drug and human smugglers from easily transgressing our borders. It becomes a symbol that defines our country and says to those who might break our laws “this land is our land, it’s not your land…”. Follow the wall and fences with a effective and aggressive border guard and voila you get your country back. Convince your left wing traitor politicians to pass laws to allow easy and fast deportation of illegal immigrants and you save lives, reduce crime, save hundreds of billions every year.

Steve Gregg

The Chinese built their Great Wall at great expense in blood and treasure. The Mongols defeated it by bribing a gate keeper to let them through.

When the Chinese built their Wall, the Mongols planted their standard in front of it, a stick with nine yak tails on it. The Wall symbolized passive defense. The nine yak tails on a stick symbolized active offense. Which proved more powerful?

When the French built their Maginot Line, the Germans simply ran around it through Belgium.

As long as people south of the border, making $3000 per year, can make ten times that as a maid or landscaper by simply crossing the Trump’s Great Wall, they will find dozens of ways to do it.


I’m with GWTW. Especially the part about aggressive follow-up. I would add that part of that follow-up includes taxing remittances AND going after those that employ illegals.

To say that people will find a way around it is a given and those that make that argument seem to be saying, “Why bother?” That is a silly argument. Same thing my students used to say in school when caught being buttheads.

“But everybody else is doing it.”
“You’re the only teacher that complains about it.”
“I’ll just go outside and do it anyway.”
“You can’t do that!”

The answer key is:
I don’t care.
I don’t care.
I don’t care.
Yes, I can, and I just did.


What is missed in Patton’s quote is the cost of overcoming the fixed obstacle. In the case of the Maginot Line, well a partial block is inconsequential if you can simply “go around it.” But if you are attacking something fixed with no way around it, it can be costly to do so. The question to those wanting to “get over it” is, “is it worth the cost?”

Obviously, there are those who come for freebies. But then there are those who want to come for the big illegal score of whatever illicit activity they are up to.
And then there is the kind that are not drains on the American Taxpayer, but are true enemies of the Red-White & Blue.

This isn’t just about putting up a border to declare anything. It is about taking one step in many to protect our country, our people, our way of life. And that requires investment. Better to direct funds to that effort rather than funding things like the EU, UN, NATO, Welfare fraud, and other government waste.


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