15 Feb 2017

An Intel Op Got Flynn

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Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning condemned the Deep State surveillance followed by leaks that forced the resignation of Michael Flynn.

It is absurd that in today’s world, Gen. Flynn having an honest conversation with one of his foreign counterparts in preparation of the incoming administration in December was ever a firestorm in the first place. What is particularly disturbing and unacceptable is that the Obama administration engaged in surveillance of Flynn, who did nothing wrong or illegal by having the conversation, and then had it leaked to the press on Jan. 13, a week before President Trump took office, all with the purpose of actively undermining Trump and his proposed policies. And then after Trump was sworn in, the deep state bureaucratic establishment, our permanent government, decided it was necessary to leak the contents of the conversation to inflict more damage.

“These are police state tactics. Flynn, being an honorable man of unimpeachable character, took the political fall. But this must not stand.

“Every single person responsible for illegally surveilling the Trump campaign and then the transition and now the administration if it’s still going on should be prosecuted and/or fired. Every single person responsible for illegally leaking said surveillance to the press should be prosecuted and/or fired. This witch hunt turned bureaucratic coup that cost Flynn his job cannot be allowed to stand, because it is only the latest instance of apparent sabotage by career government employees. They will not stop.

“This should be immediate cause for Congress to address real civil service reform that will give the president discretion to remove government employees in every department and agency that actively undermine an administration. No career employees in the executive branch are entitled to their jobs, and it is time they learned that it is the president who makes policy, not them.”

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This could well be the scariest conspiracy in our history. This is shaping up to be America’s version of England’s great “gunpowder treason plot”. This is Obama’s administrations treasonous attempt to pull off a coup against Trump. Clearly by the acts and words of the Democrats in congress they are complicit in some way in this scheme. They may not have helped plan it or known the details (plausible deniability) but clearly they are using it to further the effort and seem to have an inside track to leaks and timelines.

Now there are rumors of civil war. Perhaps not a shooting war but a war none the less. This is getting to be very dangerous, we are devolving into Turkey where the ruling party is taken out by the disenfranchised party. Have you noticed the reporters and talking heads cannot wipe the smirk off their faces as they prop up and support the anti-Trump forces. I just saw Judy Miller on Fox almost gleeful at the thought of Trumps demise. Ironically the rino Lindsey Graham is also happily slitting his wrists on TV and seems overjoyed at Trumps impending assassination. I am honestly worried…


Treasonous (no one is this incompetent) spooks likely will assassinate President Trump. They’ll make it look like an accident or they’ll deploy a patsy to take the fall while a professional pulls the trigger.


“Organizing for Action”, our Community-Organizer-in-Chief’s shock troops are well funded,well trained in anarchy and are training now. Miss Nancy Graham continues to earn his useful idiot paycheck.


It’s one thing to talk about draining the swamp, but the venomous reptiles who live there will not be going quietly. Trump may need to raze Langley and salt the earth.


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