23 Feb 2017

Denmark Paid Welfare Benefits to ISIS Fighters

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84% of Denmark’s welfare recipients are of non-Western origin. (17 Mar 2016)

New York Times:

The Danish government has been inadvertently paying benefits to citizens fighting for the Islamic State in Syria, Danish officials said Tuesday, as outrage grows that militants are manipulating the country’s generous welfare system.

About 145 Danes have traveled to Syria or Iraq to fight for militant groups since 2012, according to the Danish security and intelligence services.

Officials said this week that they had identified a number of Danish citizens who, while receiving government disability pensions, had traveled to Syria to join the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

“It is a huge scandal that we are paying out money from the welfare funds in Denmark to people who are going to Syria and elsewhere in the world to undermine democracy that we have been fighting for for hundreds of years,” the country’s minister of labor, Troels Lund Poulsen, said.

Last year, the news media reported that more than two dozen Danish citizens receiving unemployment benefits had traveled to Syria to fight for ISIS, even though the law requires recipients to live in Denmark.

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3 Feedbacks on "Denmark Paid Welfare Benefits to ISIS Fighters"

hugh mungous

madness….Immigration=national suicide..


Just an extension of the caring hearts, and continuous waste of foreign aid, similar to money to PLO.


Inadvertently! Welfare lends itself to being exploited by those who would deceive. It is designed to be defrauded and self incentivizing. If you wanted to create a system that would spend the most taxpayers money and generate the most freeloaders you couldn’t do any better.

One simple change could fix all of the problems with welfare; Work. Pay out welfare 8 hours at a time, 40 hours a week. No work; no welfare.


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