02 Mar 2017

Better than the War on Drugs

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French Opium Party, 1918

2 Feedbacks on "Better than the War on Drugs"

Dan Kurt

Looks like the women in white democrats during Trump’s speech to congress the other evening. Is that Pelosi on the left?

Dan Kurt


As an outsider, that is I have never done any illegal drugs, it is my impression that what the drug culture is all about is sex. That is drugs lower the resistance to sex with strangers and friends and that is the sole reason that teens and young adults get involved with drugs. The addiction comes later but the incentive is the prospect of free and easy sex. A friend once told me that when he used cocaine he could make love for hours and make love multiple times. I joked that perhaps being drugged only made it seem like that. But I don’t have any personal knowledge of drug use so I don’t really know.


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