15 Apr 2017

Clemson: Expecting Punctuality is Racist

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The Daily Wire reports that one university is now teaching people that expecting punctuality in the workplace is racist.

According to diversity training materials being disseminated at publicly-funded Clemson University, expecting people from other cultures to show up on time is racist.

Yup, racist.

The university spent nearly $27,000 on diversity training materials from a company called Workplace Answers. …

One of the online slides depicted two groups, which included foreign professors and students, showing up to a scheduled event at 9 a.m.; one group came 15 minutes early and the other came 10 minutes late. The slide made the assertion that it would not be the inclusive thing to do to chastise the group that was late, since people must “recognize cultural differences that may impact the meeting and adjust accordingly.”

The Daily Caller reports:

    One slide features a guy named Alejandro who plans a meeting between two groups. Each group contains foreign professors and students. One group shows up 15 minutes early. The second group shows up 10 minutes late.

    A question-and-answer section then instructs Clemson’s professors that Alejandro would be insufficiently “inclusive” if he were to “politely ask the second group to apologize.” Alejandro would also be wrong to advise the straggling, late people who aren’t respecting everyone else’s time that “in our country, 9:00 a.m. means 9:00 a.m.”

    The “inclusive” thing for Alejandro to do, the taxpayer-funded diversity materials instruct Clemson professors, is to “recognize cultural differences that may impact the meeting and adjust accordingly.” Alejandro must understand “that his cultural perspective regarding time is neither more nor less valid than any other.”

In other words, some foreigners are incapable of being on time and Americans need to shut up and accept it in the name of diversity, or something. Of course, such low expectations of those from other cultures is truly infantilizing stuff, but this is how the Left views any minority group.

These ingenuous and expensive slides were reportedly approved by Clemson Chief Diversity Officer Lee Gill. It’s unclear what a “chief diversity officer” actually does, but Gill apparently gets paid big bucks for the position, raking in over $185,000 in tax-payer funds annually.


6 Feedbacks on "Clemson: Expecting Punctuality is Racist"

Steve Gregg

Isn’t it passively racist to consider it impossible for other races to be punctual?


The racism of low expectations. This is why so many American blacks fail in school and then in life. When I was in the military my Chief told everyone that if you aren’t 15 minutes early for crew change you are late. IMHO half of being successful in life is showing up on time or early. That is a reality of life, those who snooze lose. We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. One of life’s lessons and a very hard one if you never learn it. I consider it part of what made me “privileged”, others seem to think it is my ethnicity.

Seattle Sam

If I were teaching at Clemson, what I would have said to the diversity office is, “Okay, I follow you. You shouldn’t expect people to follow your timeliness culture. My culture says it’s okay to turn in grades late. So if some students can’t graduate in June, they can wait until I’m ready. Like maybe in the Fall.”

Dick the Butcher

We did’t need additional evidence that the left has lost its collective mind.

Plus, as commented above. It’s total lack of self-awareness of the racism of low expectations.


If and when any of these folks get real jobs outside of academia, they will be rudely surprised to find out what can happen when you don’t show up on time.

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