17 Apr 2017

“The Failure With the Imagination of Conservatism”


Avik Roy hits the nail squarely on the head during a discussion on repealing and replacing Obamacare with John Podhoretz and Peter Robinson.

[T]his is the problem with the failure of imagination of conservatism. It’s that we’ve conflated a policy outcome, more people having health insurance, with the process by which we achieve that outcome. And the point I’m trying to make is that we conservatives, we have always known that less government leads to more abundance, more wealth, more prosperity. We would never say we need more government so that every American can have a smartphone. We would never say we need government so that every American can have a job and yet we’ve accepted the left wing narrative that the only way to make sure that more people have the economic security of health insurance is through more statism. Why do we accept that narrative in healthcare when we accept it nowhere else in the economy? And this has been the failure of imagination of conservatism.

Why hasn’t Trump hired this guy?


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Seattle Sam

What do you mean “we”? I don’t think true conservatives WOULD accept that government interference in the economy would bring positive results to anything.


The problem is the left is very crafty. They label their laws and programs with very high sounding names and they organize a support group to push that narrative and the media supports it. The “Affordable Care Act” is a colossal failure by all measures but it is supported by almost a trillion dollars in new taxes. I would speculate that of all the people who today realize that the ACA included a trillion in new taxes 99.9% of us learned it only recently when it was brought up in reference to cutting taxes. Did the media tell us when this was passed that it raised our taxes by a trillion? The left hides the facts and pushes the propaganda and the right simply never fights back. Look at McCain and Graham, two senior senators who should lead the fight against the left and who are they fighting? Trump! This is why the Republicans are known as the stupid party. I assume we will continue to earn and deserve that name.


Maybe because when it seemed HRC was going to win, he started an anti-white think tank to purge the RNC of racism. He mouthed all the dem platitudes and his imaginations consists of keeping himself well positioned.

Dick the Butcher

I once believed I was a conservative.

Now, I am anti-liberal.

One suggestion to the egg heads: Brevity is the soul of wit. Publishers: stop paying by word count.


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