17 May 2017

The Establishment is Howling, But Trump’s Base is Sticking With Him


Trink forwards the comments of Anonymous:

He’s a loose cannon. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s bumbling, fumbling, crude, rude, and the proverbial bull in an historic china shop.

The biggest complaint about the president is that he’s not presidential. How can he tweet? Yeah, Comey needed to be fired. Hell, he begged to be fired, but you don’t do it like that. It’s amateur hour.

Donald Trump’s demeanor has not only been dissected 18 hours a day since January 20th, it has been probed, prodded, and generally autopsied since he stirred up the 17-man field in the GOP primaries. There is nothing revelatory remaining.

If Washington loved “No Drama” Obama, it loathes “Quick to Jump” Trump. The Capital City has long been referred to as Hollywood for Ugly People, but we’ve entered a new era of performance art. It has become style over substance to the Nth degree.

The majority of the press, the commentariat and the professional class of teat suckers are just appalled, I mean appalled that man was ever allowed in the Oval Office. Yeah, he’s rich, but he’s tasteless rich. If Crotch-Scratch Joe from the trailer park down by the tracks won the lottery his place would look like Trump’s New York apartment.

And that’s the real sin, isn’t it? The four richest counties in America now surround the Federal City. The New York Times ran a story Friday about how property prices have soared surrounding the District and how well Aston Martins and McLarens are selling. See, we’re talking taste.

Meanwhile, across the country in Los Angeles county a new private terminal is opening for the super rich at LAX, replete with comfortable furniture, beds, fine wines and chocolate, a masseuse on call and, of course, a more refined TSA experience. But more than that there is an iPad sitting on a counter near the entrance with the feed of a camera on the lobby of the main terminal. A note placed nearby reads, “Here’s a glimpse of what you’re missing over at the main terminal right now.” It’s not enough to avoid the hoi polloi, one must take the time to sneer at them and perhaps be amused by their grubby, miserable lives.

Undoubtedly everyone who pays the annual $7,500 membership fee and the $3,000 fee per flight taken have all the right political positions and are heartbroken over Hillary’s denial to the throne. They just don’t understand how so many in those wretched places like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin could vote “against their own interests.” Nor do they understand how these horrible deplorables who look so amusing on the iPad feed struggling with their luggage on the way to crass, plastic destinations, could possibly continue to back this horrid little orange man from the crass, plastic world of real estate dealings.

Out in the hinterlands, where technology and government has abandoned them, where their God is mocked and they offer up their sons and daughters to the military and the Marxists of the academy in hopes they will find their piece of the dying American Dream, they look at what’s happening in Washington and they feel as embattled as the President. And the party they thought was on their side reveals itself to be as disconnected from them as the LAX voyeurs.

Something has to change. It’s not going to be Trump. He is what he is.

4 Feedbacks on "The Establishment is Howling, But Trump’s Base is Sticking With Him"

Seattle Sam

Trump managed to get elected on a (perfectly understandable) backlash vote. To be reelected and/or to continue the GOP majorities he needs to have a set of accomplishments — e.g. border control (underway with or without a wall), Obamacare replacement, tax reform and the gutting of bureaucrats who think everything should be controlled by agencies in Washington. So far, Democrats aided and abetted by the media (and often Trump himself) have successfully spread the Trump-Is-Out-Of-Control theme. If he allows this to continue he will be sunk no matter how much his base sticks with him.


The swamp is fighting back. Did anyone doubt that they would? The swamp appears to be winning. Well that is true if you listen to the swamp (the Democrats and the MSM). But Trump keeps keeping on and until or unless he actually breaks a law he will remain the president. What we need to concentrate on is what can be done in the four years he has. Forget reelection, I doubt a Republican will win. With all of the Democrats, all of the media and half of the Republicans doing all they can to defeat Trump and perhaps screw all Americans it is likely that the Republicans cannot even hold congress. Thank you McCain, Graham and Collins for all your effort to undermine Trump.) This is all there is; the next four years. After that we get Chuckie and Nancy in charge of congress and fauxcahontas as president.

Dick the Butcher

Hell is coming to breakfast.


Pidgeon coop. Caged, inbred, pecking.
Wallowing in their own shite, mixed with food.

Peck each other, peck everything.

Hawks learn to wait for the released.

Some actually make it through, and live like veterans. New breeds, and such.

Mostly have to live in the high country.
Only place that is safer than returning back.


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