04 Jun 2017

What the Paris Treaty Was Really About


Sundance explains that the Paris Climate Treaty was only ever pretending to be about the climate.

The Paris Treaty was/is always about distribution of economic wealth; and the convenient use of “climate phrases” as branding instruments used to create political policy favorable to multinational corporate interests who control the shifting of economic wealth.

Listen to the responses from participating EU corporate comptrollers discussing climate and the entire purpose of the Paris Treaty becomes self-evident. Example:

    “The preservation of our competitive position is the precondition for successful climate protection. This correlation is often underestimated.”

    ~ Matthias Wissmann, President of German Auto Industry Group VDA

The preservation of Germany’s competitive auto manufacturing position is contingent upon the U.S. exporting it’s wealth and handcuffing itself to a faux-climate treaty. Do not take my word for it, read Wissmann’s own interview. The Paris Treaty is nothing about climate, and everything about economics and multinational corporate interests.

To understand the larger objectives of the global and financial elite it is important to understand the three-decade global financial construct they now seek to protect. Global financial exploitation of national markets:

    ♦Multinational corporations purchase controlling interests in various national elements of developed industrial western nations.

    ♦The Multinational Corporations making the purchases are underwritten by massive global financial institutions, multinational banks.

    ♦The Multinational Banks and the Multinational Corporations then utilize lobbying interests to manipulate the internal political policy of the targeted nation state(s).

    ♦With control over the targeted national industry or interest, the multinationals then leverage export of the national asset (exfiltration) through trade agreements structured to the benefit of lesser developed nation states – where they have previously established a proactive financial footprint.


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The AGW scam is the biggest transfer of wealth and power in the world. That is why when it is stifled in the slightest the elite who intend to benefit from it are outraged. Trump may well have stopped the Paris agreement but he has not stopped the scam. It will continue and those who oppose it will be punished.

Seattle Sam

“Competition” has always been a dirty word in the lexicon of the left. They are like the athlete who finds himself losing every race to the fastest runner. Instead of shedding weight and quitting smoking, he demands that the fast runner wear a 50 pound back pack.


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