19 Jun 2017

Recurring Cycle

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bob sykes

Both rifles and their variants are still in widespread use. No one has come up with substantially better designs, at least not better enough to warrant their replacement.

The US still uses 155 mm artillery shells developed for WW II.

A lot of stuff has been nearly perfected.


It is certainly possible to create a better battle rifle than either the M16 platform or the AK47. But there would be a huge cost to make the change so there is a very good reason to not even make the effort. AND just as importantly there are “camps” who would insist that some things are non-debatable and this attitude would hamper actual improvement. Part of the problem is that there are “trade offs” where a simple choice no matter how beneficial it seems has negative implications as well.

What is needed is for someone to independently create the “perfect” battle rifle for the optimum caliber and then to prove it under battle conditions. That is not easy. It might be easier to design, build, test and deliver the F35 than the next combat rifle.

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