25 Jun 2017

Life in the Big City

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Chateau Heartiste, one of those unabashedly politically incorrect Alt-Right blogs, has the story of a car jacking in Baltimore.

In March of this year, I was attacked by a shining example of Diversity! (Inc.) in Baltimore, Maryland. I had returned to my car after having a few drinks with friends in a recently gentrified artsy fartsy part of town– don’t ever let that fool you in Baltimore or any other major city with a significant black population where recently converted ghettos may have been sold to productive human beings for fire-sale real estate prices. There is no part of this city where a “good” neighborhood is less than 500 to 1000 meters from a slice of Mogadishu. Predators learn the travel patterns of its prey. I see it every day when I drive to work through Liberty Heights and other squalid hells. Since the attack I moved to Annapolis, the last big town in Maryland not connected to the others by way of subsidized transportation in the form of the Light Rail network, Amtrack-MARC lines, or regular bus shipments of the third world. To live in Annapolis largely means to work elsewhere, and to work elsewhere means to have the capacity to own, register, inspect, and insure a private motor vehicle for which you are responsible for maintaining. The automobile may be our salvation if we let the cattle cars crumble, as at least then we can largely immobilize the third world into their respective islands whilst we build walls around them with the machine gun sectors pointed in.

4 Feedbacks on "Life in the Big City"

Dick the Butcher

I have $100 says that guys kid isn’t going to Harvard.

Spurt Reynolds

The Ivy’s are not the passport to succes they once were. Now they are mostly a joke.

Just go to a quality state school and then to an highly rated grad school. Better education and $100,000 less.

Seattle Sam

You’re wrong about the Ivies. You may be able to get as good an education elsewhere, but if your goal is to get admitted to a top law school or med school, their passport is the one you want to be carrying.

Or even better, be carry a black passport. https://www.amren.com/news/2015/01/acceptance-rates-at-us-medical-schools-in-2014-reveal-ongoing-discrimination/


Annapolis is the capital of Maryland, yes? Clever of the pols to insulate themselves.


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