26 Jun 2017

Microchipping Rattlenakes


Wouldn’t you be annoyed?

Adaptation Environmental Services is tagging 12-20 prairie rattlesnakes [Crotalus viridus], tracking “their movements, behavior, home range sizes and areas of ecological importance.” Denver Post

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Dick the Butcher

First thing we do, let’s microchip all the democrats.

Dan Kurt

I have an acquaintance who as a hobby catches rattlesnakes and for years had many in cages at his home. He grew up in Florida and lives now in Florida, Washington and Idaho spending time with his scattered family during the year.

He told me once that Western rattlers (Oregon, Idaho, and Washington) were known to travel about 10 to 12 miles from their den where they winter to their summer hunting grounds. He said that Eastern Diamondback rattles from Northern Florida were humongous and he had photos to prove it. He claimed the Florida snakes lived on rats mainly and could be caught year round and that they didn’t migrate. He claimed he NEVER killed a rattler and said that they were a boon to the environment.

Dan Kurt


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