07 Jul 2017

Mosaic Glass Bowl


Roman Glass Bowl, 0-100 A.D., 12 cm diameter, Inventory number: H2901, Thorvaldsen Museum.

This glass bowl is in bluish green glass with a pattern in yellow, lilac, white and pale green. This colourful glass bowl has acquired its delightful pattern by means of a special technique called mosaic glass or millefiori, a thousand flowers, as the finished result often emerges as a flower-pattern. Glass using this technique was made by slowly melting different-coloured glass rods, fusing them together, cutting them into discs, placing them in a mould and finally polishing them.

2 Feedbacks on "Mosaic Glass Bowl"


It looks like millefiori! Tradition, I suppose.


Oh, I spoke too soon. It IS millefiori.


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