07 Aug 2017

Six Baltimore Schools Report 0 Students Proficient in Math, Reading

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Education Dive has another of those horror stories about the complete failure of public education in democrat-run big cities.

Six Baltimore City schools — five high schools and one middle school — were found to have not a single student who scored proficient in math or reading in 2016, Fox45 News reports.

One student interviewed by the station said he believes students aren’t passing the state assessments because the material on the tests is not covered in class.

Data shows that despite maintaining one of the country’s highest per-pupil spending levels, a recent study out of Harvard University found Baltimore to have the lowest rate of mobility out of poverty in the country, a statistic tied directly to education as much as it is economic opportunity.

The news in Baltimore again underscores the debate over the impact of funding on school quality. Some say the education level of adults and parents in the district is the greatest determinant of student achievement, while other research has found a direct correlation between school funding and student graduation rates. And with Baltimore City Public Schools out-spending both Howard and Montgomery Counties in the state — both perennial exemplars in student achievement — questions loom over exactly where the money is going in Baltimore.


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Dick the Barbarian

Ergo, education spending and learning/test scores are negatively correlated.

Plus, Math and Reading are racist per Federal civil rights laws and regulations (effects tests).

Jerrold Johnson

Democrats run the schools , the town and the state. Nothing else to say.

Midnight in the Labyrinth of Good and Evil - American Digest

[…] could the root cause possibly be? Never Yet Melted ï½» Six Baltimore Schools Report 0 Students Proficient in Math, ReadingData shows that despite maintaining one of the country’s highest per-pupil spending levels, a […]


I have raised two families (two marriages) and in both cases taught the kids to read before kindergarten. It was a joy to do. Children are so receptive and the only reason these kids don’t read well as they get nothing from their parents and little to nothing from the school. This problem could be easily fixed but it won’t be.

Seattle Sam

Baltimore has become one of those places where the best solution would be to wipe out the entire populace and start over.



Correct. However, I remember one of my former students, who had homeschooled her daughters until her husband left her and she had to go back to work and her kids had to go back to school, “It’s hard watching them unlearn everything I taught them.”

The girls will remember a lot, of course, but when it comes to expectations and work habits, the schools are actively trying to ‘fix’ them.


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