12 Aug 2017

Steve Jobs vs. Sundar Pichai

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JK Brown

A telling observation from an interview with Greg Ferenstein last year

“I found crucial to what is distinct between libertarians and valley folk that Silicon Valley’s ideology is pro-market but it is not pro-liberty. Liberty is not a value. They are highly, highly, collectivist. They believe that every single person has a positive obligation to society and the government can help people or coerce people or incentive into making a unique contribution.”


Seattle Sam

Mr. Pichai handled this very, very poorly. He caved into the mob. He belongs in the class of invertebrates with Peter Salovey and George Bridges.

Seattle Sam

Nie summary from David Harsanyi https://patriotpost.us/opinion/50725

The problem isn’t diversity; it’s that a senior software engineer admitted, perhaps unwittingly, to pondering three of the most scandalous thought crimes of contemporary American society.
1. The first thought crime is proposing that a meritocracy might be heathier for a company than bean-counting race, ethnicity and sex.
2. The second thought crime is pointing out that ideological diversity matters.
3. The third and most grievous thought crime of all is suggesting that men and women are, in general, physiologically and psychologically different, and thus they tend to excel at different things.
By firing Damore, Google confirms much of what he warns about.


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