03 Oct 2017

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Total gun control/confiscation is a two step process:
1. Pass laws making them illegal with serious punishments. Use those laws/punishments against your opponents to oppress and intimidate them into submission.
2. After sufficient terrorization of the gun owners demand a mass confiscation with a brief amnesty period after which anyone owniing a gun will become a criminal facing long jail sentences and loss of all of their property/assets leaving their family destitute.

Make no mistake, the left will be overjoyed with step one; a crackdown on legal gun owners stripping them of their guns and their assets through fines and lawyers fees. The left does NOT need to effectively remove all guns to achieve their goal. Do not be tricked into thinking they actually want to stop gun violence and believe outlawing guns will accomplish that. NO! They want the power of the state to crush gun owners and punish their families. Their intent in this is more psychotic then it is well intended.

Seattle Sam

I’m waiting to hear from Hillary as to how “universal background checks” would have thwarted the Las Vegas shooter.

Seattle Sam

Want to strike abject fear into the hearts of Democrats in Congress? Introduce a bill to outlaw guns and put it to a vote so that everyone is on record.


The polititicians may have the organ beating in their chests, but most have no heart. Abject fear is when all of them,Republican or Democrat, are exposed by AG Sessions for their crimes.



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