05 Oct 2017

Lots of Questions About Las Vegas


Tyler Durden asks 16 Unanswered Questions About The Las Vegas Shooting That Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want To Talk About.

The authorities are keeping too much to themselves.

Yeah, and while we’re at it, Mike Adams has Five MORE things that don’t add up about the Las Vegas massacre… Where is all the expended brass?

Sorry, liberals, I want to have the answers for all of these before I surrender my deer rifle.

7 Feedbacks on "Lots of Questions About Las Vegas"

Steve Gregg

It’s conspiracy nut nonsense, much of it based on incorrect first reports and incomplete photos of the shooter’s suite.

Seattle Sam

Surrender first. Ask questions later.


Contributing to the hysteria to rush through some form of anti-2nd amendment laws now Australia has offered to “help” us confiscate guns. Anyone who does not think that the far left/Democrats/Marxist have been waiting for this moment to try to pull off an anti-constitutional coup is naive. This sad event has brought the far left commies out of the woodwork and they have bared their evil desire to control us all.

I do not trust the Democrats/far left/Marxist American activists. I do not trust them at all and I fear them. I have disagreed with them since the 60’s but it is only in the last 15-20 years that my distrust and fear has increased to the point where today I think we are facing a crisis; a real threat to our republic.

My own Senator (Ron Wyden) who I have met and have followed his actions for years and is a genuine nice guy, is in lockstep with his more far left Democrats. He can be reasonable and sincere in his desire to make America great again but he cannot disagree with all the other Democrats no matter how far left they move. The entire Democrat party has become enemies of the state.

Make no mistake, many Republicans are little better but it is a mixed bag with many Republicans being patriotic Americans and full supporters of the republic and the constitution. Not so with 100% of the Democrats.

Seattle Sam

Democrats will continue to posture en masse until there is an actual vote on some consequential legislation. Then suddenly they will consult their constituents rather than Chuck and Nancy.
I predict they will craft some totally ineffectual bill that will satisfy their Do Something addiction. Then after the next shooting they will call for MORE LAWS because all the previous ones didn’t have any effect.
Meanwhile the body count in Chicago will continue to climb. Ho Hum.


I agree with Steve Gregg for the reasons he brings upon, first; and for some others I find too numerous and too long to explain to make of it a readable answer to this post. But in an attempt to make a short answer I will say:

1. that the shooter was firing from a very privileged position on a very compact crowd of hundreds and probably thousands; an exceptional situation neither a Navy Seal nor any other soldier have ever experienced in history of warfare (but in concentration camps against civilians during WWII, of course). In such a case, no need to be a marksman, and even no need to have very powerful rifles to make kills by the dozen;

2. that given what we know about the shooter, and more especially about his father and about the his take of anti depressors, several likely hypothesis are converging towards an explainable motive, even though this motive may seem irrational or crazy. Sure that the shooter had some good reasons of his own to do this, and that those reasons were probably no more irrational to him than they could be to other people such as Himmler, Heydrich, Stalin and Beria, Kim Il Sung, Richard Kuklinski and many other of lesser notoriety. I don’t think so that there is more to be discovered at this last regards.

Old Salt

Supposedly this guy had cameras filming the whole thing. It should be easy to show some of those videos and clear up all those questions.

Steve Gregg

I read an interesting article that argued that such homicides committed by men tended to cluster around young men wanting status and middle aged men losing their status. Looked like this shooter was from the latter group, having retreated far from his fellow humans by degrees over the years.

It’s also worth noting that humans are killers by default. We spent hundreds of thousands of years in small hunting bands, roaming the savannah, immediately attacking any other human bands we encountered, killing and eating them. We became an apex predator through hyper-belligerence. That’s why our ancient ancestors are thick-boned and heavily muscled. We were bred for combat.

We began collaborating about 50,000 years ago, making the social contracts that allowed us to flourish in civilizations. However, when all that collaborative software in our brains is damaged, we revert back to the lizard-brained killers we were by default.


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