24 Oct 2017

The Urban Establishment’s Nightmare

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2 Feedbacks on "The Urban Establishment’s Nightmare"

Dick the Butcher

Normal Americans endured eight years of Obama Tricks.

Trick or Trump indeed.


I don’t expect Trump to survive his four years. Because once Trump is out of office he will be able to say so much more about what he knows and what he has learned than he can or does now. Can you imagine what Trump has learned about Obama’s treasons in his 8 years and perhaps even before his presidency. Or Clinton’s (both of them) or all the many people on the left both in the public eye and behind the curtain? Trump as an ex-president will be totally unrestrained. Many on the left were careless about what they did in Obama’s years because they never expected a Trump in office. The MSM won’t expose them but Trump would and I think a lot of them are terrified of what Trump might say or do.


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