27 Oct 2017

The Other 1%

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There is a different kind of 1 percent, and it isn’t people who can afford to buy organic food. It’s Americans who carry a handgun on a daily basis.

It’s not a surprise, given American history and horrific events like a psychopath in Las Vegas wounding or killing 500 people while police waited 70 minutes to attack him. A nearby hotel guest with a gun could have ended that more quickly.

Up to 7 million have concealed carry permits while up to 9 million might carry a handgun on a monthly basis (not all states require a license for a concealed weapon). That is alarming to Northeastern epidemiologist Professor Matthew Miller and colleagues, who published their survey results, funded by two anti-gun groups, and extrapolated figures for the country, in American Journal of Public Health. “We’re talking about several million adult handgun owners carrying a loaded firearm on their person every day,” Miller said. “That’s a sizable number of Americans.”


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So what? The important question is how many of those lawfully carrying guns commit crimes with them. They don’t give us that number because it’s too small to measure.

Seattle Sam

I only wish it were 3 times that. It would greatly increase the expected cost for criminals using guns.

There are over 200 million people using automobiles, which can be even more deadly in the wrong hands. Is Mr. Miller concerned about that? I’m only concerned about the thousands of vehicles in the hands of the intoxicated or the criminal. Mr. Miller?

Dick the Butcher

In Virginia, they’re killing 3,000,000 people each day.


Could you please make the fonts smaller.

I can see them but I can’t read them.
Attempts cause eyestrain. Make them smaller and so I won’t bother trying.



And they fail to mention the millions, yes millions, of yearly defensive gun uses by lawful gun owners.


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