06 Nov 2017

Tweet of the Day

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Seattle Sam

What we need are new gun laws. Like one that would require branches of the government to send criminal conviction records to the FBI. Oh wait . . . .


Just another lefty with her head buried some where other than the skies. Saying they are bathed in blood is very theatrical but also very foolish and inaccurate. But lefty’s like to feel good and ignore facts so this we get to see this type of dribble.

I prefer a 1911 and am not specifically worried about Democrats, but otherwise yeah. | The Ultimate Answer to Kings

[…] to JDZ. Where does he get these wonderful […]

Easy Money

Blood on their hands, Joy? How about Planned Parenthood?

Dick the Butcher

All they have are logical fallacies, bull shit, ad hominem, bull shit, appeals to emotion, bull shit, false equivalence, bull shit, bull shit, bull shit.

Tragically, the country is sufficiently dumbed-down by PC public schools that taught two generations to hate America and normal Americans,

The idiots at WaPo tweeted that two universal features er of mass um shootings are: it’s um a male and er guns, duh. Besides being prima facie evidence of terminal stupidity, it is an opening.

The third universal would be the shooter was not a NRA member. More (Likely) universals the shooters was not a Republican; not a conservative, . . .

I sleep very well with a razor-sharp kukri under my pillow, and a loaded (00 buck shot) 12 ga. pump nearby.


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