13 Nov 2017

Another Decades-Old Accusation

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IMHO this is a game that is played for fun and profit. It is perfectly safe for the accuser who never faces punishment if their accusations are discovered to be untrue. But the payoff can be big. Often famous and/or rich people will pay the accuser a million or two to just shut up because the accusations alone can destroy a career as well as relationships. The result of most of these settlements for money is that the accuser remains quiet. Therefore we never have any kind of investigation or sunshine and all that is left is whispers and rumors. It is a perfect crime. Anita Hill traded her claims of sexual harassment for a cushy job in women’s studies at a university (presumably teaching other women how to profit by accusing prominent men of harassing them).
The MSM doesn’t care! This is a win/win for them. The more the accused fights the charge the more papers they sell. Why on god’s good earth would they want to kill that goose that lays those golden eggs by investigating the story? Women’s groups don’t care because the women accuser never faces any punishment when they are found out to be liars and the constant barrage of charges give women more power. It is likely that half or more of women in public life and private industry could not get where they are based on ability and must have affirmative action to rise to their level of incompetence and sexual harassment charges create the need for affirmative action AND provide a mechanism of eliminating men who haven’t bowed to their power. It is the perfect crime!

Dick the Barbarian

What in Hell does “pursue a sexual relationship” mean?

No Dem ever called for rapist Bill (“Put some ice in that.”) or crooked Hillary to drop out of an election.

I’m old enough to remember Anita Hill and the Dems pulling this bull shit on Clarence Thomas.

Big difference. RINOs and #NeverTrumps are piling on Judge Moore.

I hope normal people in Alabama can see through this bull shit.

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Seattle Sam

Remember when Jack Kennedy was banging a teenager (Mimi Alford) in the White House and he was considered unfit to hold office? Sure you do.


It IS the perfect crime. This witch hunt has a lot in common with the Salem Witch Trials. Yes, in Salem the ‘witches’ were executed. They were, in contrast, at least given a day in court before this judgement was rendered.


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