15 Dec 2017

How the Left Won in Alabama

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They imported activists and students.

And they brought out the African American vote. mynbc.com:

U.S. senate elect Doug Jones won big with the African American vote.

According to the Washington post Jones got 96% of the African American vote.

93% of the men voted for him.

African American women led the vote at 98%

DeJuana Thompson helped organize a program called “Woke Vote.”

Organizers targeted hundreds of African American churches, businesses and college students at HBCUs (Historically Black College & Universities) statewide.

“We’re talking about making sure that every HBCU had a campus coordinator,” Thompson said. “We gave them buttons T-shirt’s some of the students did a study Jam for “Woke Vote” and they brought in people and they had to commit to vote when they came in the door.”

Other group partners also made a push to get votes from those in jail.

“We got over 3000 absentee ballots from inmates who still had the right to vote,” she said.


One Feedback on "How the Left Won in Alabama"


In 2007 a liberal friend of mine volunteered to drive voters to the polls in a suburb of Sacramento Ca. He showed up the day before the election and was given a 12 passenger van to drive and spent that day driving around the area to each of the voting places so he would know where they were and which streets to use. On election day he was ready to do his part to get Obama elected. He was told to drive to a specific location where he would meet a “handler” who would help him. He picked up the handler who directed him to a couple of different street corners where someone else handed off a few homeless people. After he had 6-8 of these homeless people the handler directed him to a specific voting place where he gave each homeless person a small card that had the name the homeless person was supposed to use and a short list of who to vote for. While sitting outside waiting for the voters to return my friend asked the handler if this was legal. He was basically told to keep his opinions to himself and drive the van where he was told to.
After the homeless were all finished voting he was told to drive to the next voting place where the same thing was done again. While going around to these places he saw other drivers in their vans full of homeless and drunks being shuttled from location to location. After visiting the half dozen or so voting locations he was directed back to the corners where they picked these guys up. The handler gave each of them $50 and thanked them. Then the handler directed him to a new location where they picked up some people and did it all again. All day long.
This man was an Obama supporter a lifelong democrat and he was ashamed of whet he did. He still votes Democrat but does not volunteer anymore.


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