13 Feb 2018

Typical of Caliban

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Barack Hussein Obama’s presidential portrait, as you can see above, is characteristically incongruous when viewed among portraits of his predecessors.

And there just could be a concealed subtext to be found in his choice of artist. Not every president has himself painted by an artist best known for paintings of black women cutting off the heads of white people.

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I know (have known) two men who were dangerous. Both were big and capable of doing some physical damage. One was very sly and friendly and smiling but had a habit of sucker punching people/strangers and then beating the shit out of them. The other man was disagreeable, always angry looked angry and would if provoked beat that shit out of you. It is good when people show us what they are, then we can deal with them and be fore warned. It is not good when someone is a chameleon and intends to harm you but acts as though they are your friend. Obama hates us, hates America, hates his white family. For a long time he fooled most people. Now that he doesn’t expect to need to fool us to get what he wants he begins to expose himself for who he is. This is a good thing. He knew this artist was most famous for painting black women cutting off the heads of white women. He never would have done this in 2007 but now he is showing us who he is. This is a good thing hopefully there are Democrat voters who are paying attention.

Seattle Sam

I don’t know how much clearer it could be that Michelle and Barack disdain ordinary Americans — specifically white people. The Media has always looked the other way because they see him as a heroic Progressive figure. They also won’t criticize Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson for overt racism for the same reason.

Seattle Sam

Imagine if George Bush had selected an artist known for portraying black people being lynched.

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[…] Zincavage at  Never Yet Melted sees Obama’s giving the finger to America as “Typical of Caliban:&#8221… Obama hates us, hates America, hates his white family. For a long time he fooled most people. Now […]


The “lady” seems to have a ‘stash and an Adams apple.
I do pray all of Obama’s records will be revealed, going back to his first college application.

Soren K

Hey, it works for me. Serves as a touchstone for future generations to gaze upon and remember when the country lost it’s mind. Thanks, Obama.

Brother John

These pictures are the ugliest bleeping things I’ve ever seen. As far as I’m concerned, this mouthy, worthless a$shole and his ignorant pig-headed wife are just poking normal Americans in the eye one more time.

Bob Sykes

I agree. Hang both portraits in the Presidential Gallery. Let people see who these clowns and haters are. The contrasts with the real Americaans ans real Presidents is too obvious for anyone to miss.

Dick the Butcher

The sordid portrait is appropriate.

The Obama reign was a national disgrace and a sin against America.

Andrew B

Alas, I don’t think there is anything–literally, anything–Barack Obama could do to alienate the liberal base. He was not their President, he was their prom date for eight years. He will always be their dreamy, perfect man, so what do a few decapitated crackers matter in the afterglow.


Wait a minute. All you bible thumpers don’t seem to know your own mythology. Typical white trash, low class, hypocrites.
Wiley succeeded!


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