12 Mar 2018

Counterfactual Mexico

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One of Noel Maurer’s commenters asks what would Mexico be like if the US had taken a larger slice of Northern Mexico after winning the Mexican War, Maurer has some intelligent analysis, arguing that those Northern portions of Mexico were precisely the regions that provided the leadership of Mexico’s Revolutionary, anti-clerical nasty totalitarianism, so with those territories gone, the residue of Mexico would have wound up a very different state. link

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Let me go out on a limb and predict the future.

Mexico devolves into anarchy because of drug cartels, corrupt police and military and becomes a war zone and ungovernable. Millions of Mexicans rush their Northern border many/most of them claiming asylum because of the very real threat to life in Mexico. With millions of Mexicans over stressing resources in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas the U.S. government declares an emergency and move troops into Mexico to try to stabilize it and prevent more atrocities. This becomes open warfare with the cartels and corrupt Mexican military fighting house to house. Eventually Mexico is stabilized but not before a million deaths on both sides. The U.S. find they cannot legally return refugees back to Mexico and they cannot leave Mexico for fear it will collapse into tyranny again. After a considerable negotiation Mexico is annexed and becomes a U.S. territory and all Mexicans are given citizenship. Almost immediately a political movement begins to make Mexico a state or multiple states.

Spurt Reynolds

Then on to Canada !!!

All of North America becomes the USA . No borders needed except in Southern Mexico.

We rule the world… roll credits.


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