15 Mar 2018

Student Walkout


Joseph Dobran hits the nail right on the head:

This ‘school walkout’ thing is giving me serious ‘1984’ vibes.

Schools are sanctioning it, so it isn’t actually a walkout. It’s actually students conforming to the government authority by speaking a government-approved opinion in a government-approved venue. And that opinion is that they should have their own rights taken away by the government whose opinion they are expressing.

You have students marching with the sanction of the state to demand less freedom from the state… and everyone is pretending that their doing so is somehow brave and rebellious.

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In my New England town, we still have town meetings and hearings. Only electors (voters or property owners) can speak. For years in School Budget hearings, the teachers union has organized attractive young high school students to plead for more funding. The Moderator (a town position) had let them speak but over the years was forced to at least note that they were not entitled to speak as they were not electors.

Finally they had to just not let them speak since they were clearly tools of the unions. But people were still afraid they would be turned off of public participation and oh how darling they were! The left has always known how to play this game to the hilt. The right has to always insist on playing by the rules on every occasion.

Seattle Sam

This so reminds me of the Red Guard student rallies on Maos China and the Hitler Jungen. Children are especially Useful Idiots.

Dick the Butcher

No one should accept the level of ignorance encountered in the gun confiscation movement.

Steve Gregg

The Left is fond of using sympathetic stooges to deliver their message that look bad for the Right to criticize. After 9/11, the Jersey Girls delivered lefty talking points until Ann Coulter went after them. Using kids as their hand puppets is classic lefty manipulation.

Really, do you believe these high school kids are super competent enough to do all this organizing and rallying and traveling? Most kids can’t organize their dirty laundry into the washing machine.


The children are malleable and could easily be used for good or nefarious purposes. Either way the children would be eager, enjoy the attention and the break from their daily routine. I think the schools cannot do this legally and I have no doubt in my mind that they knew this and discussed it beforehand. So clearly this ploy by the left should be challenged in court. I would encourage everyone to speak up and let your representatives and bureaucrats know how you feel.

Spurt Reynolds

People need to look how well Israel has solved the school shooting problem by arming teachers. Almost all the attackers have been killed quickly by armed teachers.

Some state is going to call the libtards bluff and arm teachers. Within a decade, every stage will follow suit except for Cali and NY.

Steve Gregg

Are we Americans under siege like Israel? All Israel’s neighbors want to kill them. By contrast, in America, such school shootings are a rare event, much like lightning strike deaths.

My high school is still open for anyone to enter. I don’t believe it would improve it to arm the teachers, blockade the doors, and run everyone through metal detectors. Such overreaction diminishes our freedom.

And, really, hardening the schools would not stop the violence, only move it to other soft targets. I don’t fancy an America turned into a bunker. The remedy is worse than the affliction.

The hard fact is that it is impossible to defend against crazy people attacking the public. These murders are part of the background noise of civilization.


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