20 Mar 2018

50 Seconds of Busoni


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At the risk of showing what a no-class commoner I really am I got nothing out of it. Worse, I assume, I hated it and hope to never hear it again. My trash collector was less noisy. Most music to me is just noise some of it less distracting than other. I have been watching American Idol. I can appreciate that some singers are better than other singers but in general the songs they sing are awful to worse. And I mean that in the nicest way. About half of the songs I hear them sing I never heard before and most of the other half I’ve heard but was unimpressed. Yes, I recognize there must be something wrong with me as most people like music. When my wife is in the car we listen to music. When I drive alone I can enjoy silence. I can honestly say that the only time in my life when I “liked” the music I was hearing was at a strip club and it seemed logical for the young lady to gyrate to music.


It didn’t really do it for me either, but I thought Digressions’ rap was so interesting that it was worth re-posting to see if other people agreed with him.

Dink Newcomb

In class comradeship with ONEGUY, I am a witless, brain damaged moron “deplorable”!
Thank God I am too stupid to be “scared” of this music because I generally feel that desperately using hyperbole to describe some loud noise IS NOT one of my failures!
Digression!!!!!– Get over yourself you delicate POS!

Brother John

I can understand Oneguy’s point of view — some people don’t have the necessary equipment to hear and understand music. Some have perfect pitch, others are at the other end of the scale.

As far as Dink Newcomb goes, though, your problem is just inverted snobbery. If you want loud noise, turn on some heavy metal. It’s not stuff to listen to while you’re driving, but surely even you can hear a level of detail involved in creating something like that.

You want to be the Sex Pistols and tear down everything that’s civilized, fine. But you ally yourself with Islam and the barbarians, then. Those of us that still listened to Yes and ELP were on the lookout for more.


Hmm, that was okay. Try these instead. Of course, they run longer than 50 seconds. Dramatic is beautiful when you’re talking finales. As an unmusically educated music lover, my favorite classical ending is the cheesy and very percussive finale of Saint-Saens’ Samson and Delilah’s Bacchanale.




I must add that having reread my comment I think I overstated my case. I don’t listen to much music and I certainly don’t like what I lump together as modern music. I don’t know what hip hop is and I still don’t have any idea what Indie is. So I recognize I am in no position to criticize music or people’s choice in music.

Dink Newcomb

Brother John—
*** “… your problem is just inverted snobbery. If you want loud noise, turn on some heavy metal.” ***
Somehow, the contemptuous sarcasm toward the author and people like you who characterize anyone who is not in agreement with you as
*** “… want[ing] to be the Sex Pistols and tear down everything that’s civilized” ***
, went way over your head.
If you would take a moment to reread my comment objectively, you might discover it was directed at THE ABSURD OVER THE TOP ARTICLE (that went so far as to suggest the author was “scared” of the music or “possibly the most beautiful sounds I ever hear”) rather than the music itself! My personality/character is so far from your rather typical presumptions that my angel’s wings are shaking with my laughter.

Anonymous White Male

My personal studies of art and music in particular tells me that the various histories of music go through phases. Music at its best is a transcendent experience which a person understands through feeling rather than through his intellect. However, after the best works have been created, musicians will try to compose works as an intellectual exercise rather than as a gift from their muse. Busoni wrote this work and it was first performed in 1904. The greatness of the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods was exhausted. Since subsequent composers could never match the beauty of the masters, they began to engage in mental masturbation. You notice the same thing in popular music. From the age of the Big Bands and then the Pop/Rock of the 60’s and early 70’s, music devolved to (c)Rap and Emo. Its a matter of there are only so many ways you can write “good” music. I still find Rossini’s comment about Wagner’s music to be both funny and insightful. When told that Wagner’s music had many beautiful moments, he quipped, “Yes, some beautiful moments but bad quarters of an hour.” This was the way I felt about this piece.

Brother John


First, let me congratulate you on a well-formatted and easy-to-understand reply; not that I’m saying it’s surprising that it’s within your reach, but that it is rare.

I got the over-the-top nature of the original article. But your attempt at sounding so “deplorable” — a mantle I proudly claim — was so over-the-top in its own way that you sound like someone who would bend a flute in half over the barrel of your shotgun rather than admit that straight men can play one!


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