22 Mar 2018

Angry Father Confronts Weasely Principal About Student Walkout For Gun Control

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The Epoch Times:

A father living in Ventura, California, posted a video of a heated confrontation he had with the principal of his son’s school.

The video comes after students nationwide walked out of their schools last Wednesday to advocate for gun control in the wake of the Parkland school shooting that left 17 people dead.

John Gunn confronted principal Barbara Boggio of the Ventura Unified School District and questioned her about allowing 12-year-old students to hold the protest.


3 Feedbacks on "Angry Father Confronts Weasely Principal About Student Walkout For Gun Control"

Seattle Sam

This women wants all the salary and perks of an executive position but none of the responsibility. If this lady were a manager in a private company, she’d be out on her ass. Which is probably why she likes working in government.


She seems like she was put on the spot. She does not control her unionized staff on anything (she cannot even if she wanted to). She is probably telling the truth without saying she has no control over her staff. She knew the logic of what he said but she could not acknowledge that her boss would deny any responsibility and not back her up in any way.

Dick the Butcher

First thing we do, let’s kill all the principals. Reason Number 785 to vote “NO” on the school budget.


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