26 Mar 2018

Scary Stuff

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JV on Facebook posts:

Two disturbing tales from this weekend:

After Parkland, one friend posted about perhaps joining the NRA out of spite (“I’m tempted to join the NRA if only to fight the ridiculous group think”). This post, which contained absolutely nothing threatening, was anonymously reported to his local police department who dispatched a detective to interview him.

Another friend received a phone call from a high school friend, whom he had not spoken to in many years, who expressed deep concern for his worsening “radical conservative’ views. “We’re very worried about you.” She made it sound like a number of people were discussing this concern behind his back and clearly wished to help him mend his ways.

How did we get here?

Join the NRA… today!

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Soren K

The common connection in these two incidents is social media posts. Be careful about inviting the Stasi into your living room. Social media sees all, hears all and records all.

Watching the parent confronting a school principal on video about the “student led school walkout” I noticed one point. The father refused to provide his identity beyond “the father of one of your students”. Smart man… else he’d likely be the unemployed, daily beleaguered and widely condemned father of a student.

These two incidents in today’s post merely reflect what’s now known as good citizenship with the actors behaving as they’ve been told… if you see something, say something. And after the multiple failures in Florida, you bet your bippi that the the police will be a door knockin’.

Unless you are completely judgment proof in every sense of the term… best to turn off social media and watch. Sometimes a paranoid person is being followed.

Priscilla Holloway

“They” want us to be afraid and silent and “they” are succeeding. People’s reluctance to speak out is part of the problem, don’t you think? I understand discretion is the better part of valor, but intimidation is one of their bullying tactics.

Dick the Butcher

Social media is social pathology.

Gun control hysteria is dangerous to our liberties.

It is, like most liberal memes, dishonest and wrong. They use it to gin up Democrat voters: gun laws don’t make America safer – criminals don’t obey laws.

They use guns, AGW, and a number of other bullshit memes to avoid addressing their failures on issues that actually affect our lives like employment and economic growth.

They mainly use the lies to charge real Americans as being heartless (all lies) and opposed to saving lives (another lie). It’s all they got.

Don’t let them get away with it. Join the NRA. Volunteer for a conservative political movement. Buy ammunition.

Seattle Sam

That sign has been used by every totalitarian regime in history to persuade people that if they give up their liberties, the regime will keep them safe. Worked well in Venezuela.


“Is ‘freedom’ more important than safety”


But if you have to demonstrate with this sign, you’ll never wind up with either.

Dick the Butcher

I think someone wrote, “Public safety is the alibi of all tyrants.”

Also, heard on talk radio that the astroturf, BS mass meetings (four-times exaggerated attendance numbers) were real-world re-enactments of Animal Farm scene where the pigs get the sheep to scream “Four legs good! Two legs bad!”

There is no cure for stupid. Volunteer for your congressional district election campaign.

I haven’t sent money to the NRA in years. They will be getting a big check this year.

Maggie's Farm

Tuesday morning links

Photo stolen from Never Yet Melted  Scary indeed  The Stupidity of the ‘March For Our Lives’  NY Times Unintentionally Exposes The Astroturfing Of The March For Taking People’s Guns Away Sultan:  Who Runs March for Our Lives?

steve walsh

Without freedom there can be no safety.

Dick the Butcher

The Truth is alt-right, homophobic, KKK, toxically masculine, white nationalist, white supremacist, . . .

Steve III

A wise man once said “Any man that would trade liberty for security deserves neither”
aka Ben Franklin


Is freedom more important than safety? These guys might have some thoughts about that https://ibb.co/dabi4n


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