10 Apr 2018

When Your Government Has Finished Controlling Guns…

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4 Feedbacks on "When Your Government Has Finished Controlling Guns…"

Seattle Sam

At least your survivors will have the satisfaction of calling your attackers “cowards”.

JK Brown

So members of the British Army are cowards? How about the armed police? Cowards?

One presumes the mayor’s bodyguards are similarly cowards. As is the mayor for hiding behind the cowards.


‘Turn in your knives! Be a good citizen. Be a good child: turn in your mommy’s and daddy’s knives. We don’t want people to be hurt, do we?’

Goodthink. “Only Cowards Carry.” A catchy slogan that they will no doubt use to indoctrinate the young and the old who are feeble of mind. It will become their truth.

In my view, Only Cowards Cower. It takes balls to arm oneself, defend oneself and others in mortal combat.

Spurt Reynolds

I’d fill that and other boxes with 1000’s of plastic wear… including knifes, forks, spoons, and sporks!

Those people are fools to ask for knifes! Knifes are one of the oldest tools known to mankind.


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