24 Apr 2018

How to Lose Millions of Customers Overnight

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In a move destined to create a chasm between gun owners and high-priced hipster gear, Yeti has decided to stop selling merchandise to the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA), according to a statement posted on the NRA-ILA website Friday.

    For years YETI Coolers have been a hot item for sportsmen at the Friends of NRA Foundation Banquet and Auction events around the country.

    These Foundation events raise money to support youth programs and educational programs nationwide. The youth of America who benefit from these programs are the future hunters, hikers, fishermen/women, bikers, campers, wildlife photographers, mountain climbers, sportsmen/women and conservationists who will protect our natural resources and recreational lands.

    Suddenly, without prior notice, YETI has declined to do business with The NRA Foundation saying they no longer wish to be an NRA vendor, and refused to say why. They will only say they will no longer sell products to The NRA Foundation. That certainly isn’t sportsmanlike. In fact, YETI should be ashamed. They have declined to continue helping America’s young people enjoy outdoor recreational activities. These activities enable them to appreciate America and enjoy our natural resources with wholesome and healthy outdoor recreational and educational programs.

    The NRA Foundation is 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization.


The maven reports that Yeti also broke ties to Safari Club International, but (hypocritically) forwarded an email to Yeti ambassadors and dealers denying that it was taking the anti-gun side. The email was quoted on Instagram:

Yeah, sure.

Rival Pelican was quick to respond:

For every cooler purchased this month, we’ll donate $10 to the NRA + and give you a FREE 22oz tumbler of your choice. Promo code: PELICANPROUD


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Bad pic. Guns and beer should never mix……

Spurt Reynolds

There is nothing “magical” about a Yeti Cooler. They are simply thicker on all sides and seal better than a normal cooler.

The Pelican or copy cat brands are just as good as a Yeti.

Time to hit Bank of America, Yeti, and any other anti-gun corporation right where it hurts… in their bottom line.

Dick the Butcher

Way too expensive.

You aren’t doing it correctly if you need to keep cold a beer for four hours.


guns and beer mix all the time, in some settings inappropriate, in others perfectly fine. discrimination rather than absolutism.

now hold my beer and watch this.

Max Blancke

Pelican makes much better coolers. We chose pelican long before this, after reading cold-retaining comparisons of a bunch of brands.
Plus, pelican coolers have a much better latch system. A person with terrible hand strength can open and latch a pelican cooler with ease.


No kidding. I don’t as about to buy my whole work Team a Yeti cooler this week as a job well done. Instead, I’m buying 10 Pelican Coolers today. I may send an email with a redacted screenshot to Yeti. Dumb.


Yeti is over-priced hipster garbage. Go Pelican!


I been reading about this for days now. And I’ve been hoping Yeti would come out with some sort of explanation as to what is really going on. But it doesn’t seem to be happening. This makes me very sad. Our family loves Yeti. We exclusively bought their products because Yeti was started by Aggies. We an Aggie family through and though so we paid for their ridiculously expensive products to support them.
As an aside, for the naysayers calling the products garbage, you are wrong. If you don’t live in extreme heat like we do in South Texas you don’t get it. Take a Yeti deep sea fishing and your catch is still fresh when you come in. Leave your Yeti full of cold drinks on your porch after your 4th of July party
and a week later the kids are still pulling leftover ice cold sodas and water out of it.

I’m so disappointed that Aggies, the most pro-second amendment, pro-military people around are doing this. Could it be that they hired leftys for PR at their HQ in Austin?

I still hoping for some sort of real mea culpa, or some explanation of why they’re doing this, but as the days go by it seems less and less likely.

Bad bull, Yeti.


Sorry about the horrible grammar mistakes. My iPad is skipping and freezing lately.
I can talk right, I promise!


I’ve never heard of Yeti coolers. Now I have.

Seriously, who thinks it’s a good idea that a potential customer’s first impression is to never, ever buy their product?


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