02 May 2018

One Prom Dress and the Left’s Insane Identity Politics

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Keziah Daum wore this quite becoming Cheongsam dress to her Utah High School Prom, and proudly tweeted some photos. And why not?

But the dress offended SJW Jeremy Lam, who reprovingly tweeted:

Note: 41,958 retweets — 178,771 likes !


Iowahawk observed sharply in reply:


And the editorials are still flying, days later. David French is perfectly correct.

As you survey pop culture, the academy, and American corporations, which side has the upper hand? Which side is defining American discourse? America’s most prominent culture-makers obsess over identity. They elevate prom dress choices to matters of national debate. And that’s why people who still possess a sense of reason, proportion, and manners (on both sides of the political aisle) need to push back. Reason can’t cede the public square to rage. Sometimes a prom dress is just a prom dress. But Lam’s tweet wasn’t “just” a tweet. It was a symbol of the incoherent anger that is tearing this nation apart.

6 Feedbacks on "One Prom Dress and the Left’s Insane Identity Politics"

Dick the Butcher

One, liberalism is an emotional/psychological pathology.

Two, everything the left touches turns to shit.


Imitation used to be the sincerest form of flattery. now with everything politicized, no one is safe from the howler monkey flash mobs of faux-outrage.

Most of it boils down to jealousy and inability to compete on a level playing field.
I think she looks lovely. I bet this pisses off a lot of tatted up, purple haired, ring thru lips and nose grotesque semi-females.


I wonder what culture Jeremy appropriated his first name from ???


Unfriend Prometheus for that whole fire and light deal.


It seems like leftism and its affiliated cultural habits teeter constantly on the edge of mental illness.
Every once and a while, though, it veers into territory that can only be described as madness.
Tucker Carlson had some left wing nitwit (a redundancy, I know) on his show defending the manufactured outrage over this dress. You could see in her eyes that she was barely in control of the situation. I have seen more rational discussions occurring between bag ladies on a street corner.
As Dennis Prager, and commenter “Dick the Butcher” have stated: Everything the left touches they destroy.


I’m guessing it was all a plot by the girl to get attention. (sarc)

But if not, I would have replied:

“Hey, Jeremy, stuff your pie hole. You’re still angry that I turned you down for prom. And now, everyone knows why I turned you down. I don’t do stupid. Besides, Lam is a made up name. You aren’t even Chinese. Now go do things to yourself that are anatomically impossible.”


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